Free Adventure Game “Echoes of the Fey: Episode 0” Releases February 7 on Steam

Free Adventure Game “Echoes of the Fey: Episode 0” Releases February 7 on Steam


UE4-developed visual novel introduces the world and characters of Woodsy Studio’s latest series

Saint Louis, MO – January 26, 2017 Imagine you are the sole survivor of an explosion that kills hundreds of thousands of people. Such is the fate of Sofya Rykov, the protagonist of Echoes of the Fey – Episode 0: The Immolation, a free hour-long adventure game out January 31 on and February 7, 2017 on Steam.

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The ongoing Echoes of the Fey series follows the adventures of Sofya Rykov, a private investigator in a fantasy world with a dangerous secret: the cataclysm she survived granted her unstable magic powers. Episode 0 takes place in the hours before the explosion, when Sofya was just an irresponsible soldier from a rich family. She wants nothing to do with the conflict between Humans and Leshin. But the final horror of the war thrusts both responsibility and power upon her, changing her life forever.

Episode 0 is a point-and-click adventure game inspired by Japanese visual novels, including dialog trees and player choices that affect the outcome of the story. Sofya explores the prison and learns more about the world from her prisoners, though with an impending disaster about to strike, she must balance how to use her time before staging her escape.

Episode 0 is the first Woodsy Studio game produced in Unreal Engine 4 and translates the 2d style of the first episode, The Fox’s Trail-also available on Steam for $7.99-into 3d backgrounds and environments.

Key features:

  • Approximately 15,000 words for over 1 hour of gameplay
  • Dynamic camera angles and animated character portraits
  • New soundtrack featuring remixes of songs from Episode 1: The Fox’s Trail
  • A FREE introduction to Echoes of the Fey and the fantasy world of Oraz

Woodsy Studio is a two-person developer based in St. Louis, Missouri comprising of writer/artist/composer/developer Jenny Gibbons and writer/artist/designer Malcolm Pierce. Episode 0 is the fourth Woodsy Studio game to release on Steam. Learn more at

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