If you are a fan of games that flex your brain muscles or maybe just your vocabulary being put to the test, then this game is for you. I have to admit the music is a bit catchy. I found myself either whistling to it or swaying to the tune while putting my brain to work. It is a bit relaxing I must say. Though unlike most word games this one is rather fun and for good reason. You are timed of course but the letters disappear as you make continuous words with the same letter thus making it a bigger challenge to not only create as many words as you can but beat the ticking clock of those disappearing letters is fun. Brain teaser games at least good ones are hard to come by but this one is cute with its music and all around fun. I’d recommend this game if you want to relax with a little bit of a challenge just to flex that precious brain of yours.

Rating (1-5 stars): 4 stars

Game Description:

Play the most fun filled word making game. With crazy letters, how fast can you make a word? Don’t you click the demon letter or else…


– Fast-paced word making game.

– Different powers to make game exciting.

– Random letter generation.

– Crazy different type of letters.

– Earn rewards by completing challenges.

Play and have Fun With Letters!!!


Where to get game:

Apple Store:


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