Pixel Federation Preps PC Gamers for Space Crafting & Combat Mayhem With New Trailer

Bratislava, Slovakia – December 6th 2016 – Pixel Federation announced today that the spaceship building combat game Galactic Junk League will launch on Steam Early Access on January 17. The game is free-to-play with the Steam Early Access version updated with a host of new features currently in development.

The new trailer can be seen here.

Galactic Junk League is a “Crafter Arena” and spaceship building combat game that allows players to combine superior technology with forgotten galactic junk to build anything that moves and shoots – from agile frigates to lumbering battleships.

The Early Access version of Galactic Junk League will feature updates that include many improvements to the game including larger matches of up to 8v8, a brand new matchmaking system, and updates and additions to ship building.

  • Build Your Ship
    Players combine superior technology with forgotten galactic junk to build anything that moves and shoots – from agile frigates to lumbering battleships. Every piece of the ship affects its power, manoeuvrability and special abilities.
  • Enter an Arena
    Choose an arena to fight in. Some are wide open, some are tricky, and some require mad pilot skills to survive their hostile environments. Knowing how to take advantage of a particular arena is an essential key to victory.
  • Crush The Enemy
    Players release the power of their ships in various multiplayer modes, and by fighting enemies using powerful weapons, shields and abilities. Earn rewards for each victory to unlock new and more powerful building blocks, as well as visual perks to add some swag to the ships.

Galactic Junk League is currently in open beta and can be played for free by visiting the website and downloading the game.

Assets can be found in our press room here. For more on Galactic Junk League, visit the website ( ), like it on Facebook, and follow it on Twitter.

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Galactic Junk League is a free-to-play multiplayer game that brings you a unique mix of tactical spaceship building and skill-based multiplayer shooter. Combine superior technology with forgotten galactic junk to build anything that moves and shoots in this “Crafter Arena” game – from agile frigates to lumbering battleships and destroy opponents in various galactic arenas. Galactic Junk League is currently in development and open beta, and is scheduled for a Steam Early Access release on 17th January 2017.

Galactic Junk League is being developed by PIXEL FEDERATION, a Slovak indie game development studio based in Bratislava. PIXEL FEDERATION was founded in 2007 and is dedicated to browser-based, mobile and tablet game development. Over 180 game enthusiasts bring fun and entertainment to people from all around the world with a focus on building complex games that bring joy and challenges to players, whilst also providing a social experience with their friends.

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