The Game Quantum – Game Review

The Game Quantum Review


For a turn base game this one is pretty fun. Geeking out with family or friends trying to dominate the Quantum space with nuclei and electrons. Having to use strategy to play the game as if you are in front of your opponent with a chess board or the option to play online with other gamers if extremely fun. The music of the game is very captivating helping immerse you into the game. Quantum is a game that will be among favorites for everyone as it’s easy to learn and catch on even in you are not familiar with Quantum. It will actually teach people playing how Nuclei and Atoms work for Quantum it achieves a learning factor and excels in the visual beauty of its layout. Quantum provides many hours of fun and I couldn’t put it down so I would recommend this game to everyone.

Rating (1-5 stars): 5 Stars



Set in the beautiful world of Quantum, vanquish your opponents and occupy all their nuclei with the help of your electrons and save Quantum space. When maximum electrons are reached, the atoms explode and the electrons move to neighboring nuclei. Strategically place your electrons to eliminate your opponent and make Quantum space your own. Use the duality power up in your time of need.


  • Beautiful and addictive turn based game play based on the concept of chain reaction
  • Play offline or challenge your friends with Game Center. Compete to become the ultimate Quantum master
  • Dynamic and unique real time update of profile stats. Keep a track of every move made, every electron and nuclei won/lost, power ups, win/loss records and more
  • Play up to 6 games online simultaneously
  • Day and night color themes for an ambient experience
  • 8 different color modes in game play to suit your mood
  • Use the power of Duality to gain an upper hand over the opponent
  • Unique ability of deploying shields to hide your losses
  • Test your skills with exciting challenges to unlock the Quantum scientists
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master. Outwit your opponents in every move
  • Gorgeous minimalist visual design.
  • Original music and handcrafted audio for a seamless and immersive experience (headphones recommended!)
  • Universal app that works fluidly on iphone and ipad
  • Quantum is a premium game that is FREE to play with no ads


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