The ONE game The Room players have been waiting for: The House of Da Vinci (coming in October)

Did you enjoy torturing your brain solving puzzles while playing The Room games? We’re taking puzzle solving to a whole new level: The House of Da Vinci. Discover this compelling new 3D adventure puzzle game set in the Florence of 1506.
 “Ever since I began playing adventure games, I’ve always most enjoyed those games that provided compelling stories — stories that kept me thinking and wondering for weeks after finishing the game. That’s the challenge we set ourselves as well” – Martin Pavelek, co-founder and CEO of Blue Brain Games.
The return of puzzle game storytelling 

The House of Da Vinci is a unique 3D hands-on puzzle adventure game, set in the exact time and place where the world’s greatest inventor lived and worked: The city of Florence in the year 1506. The game focuses heavily on both its storytelling aspects and the authenticity of its placement. “We wanted to make a puzzle game that spins around a powerful story, not just about solving ingenious puzzles that get repetitive after the first level or so,” says Peter Kubek, the team’s Dungeon Master. Just few seconds in, players find themselves in Leonardo’s library, wondering what could have happened to their master: did one of his legendary inventions somehow go haywire? Or are shadowy assassins from the Church responsible? And so, a quest to find the truth begins.

Da Vinci’s world brought to life 

Players must work their way through mind-bending puzzles, ferret out hidden objects, untangle complex mechanisms, and conquer many other obstacles that must be overcome throughout the game — all based on actual Da Vinci concepts, manuscripts and inventions. Upon entering Leonardo’s workshop, players are immediately engulfed in the authentic atmosphere of the Renaissance: Its music, architecture and ambience are all re-created for players to enjoy and to experience first-hand. “Just as in every memorable game, the highest level of our own creativity must be present in order to make the game totally compelling as well as visually attractive,” notes Martin.

Control time and unleash the power of sound 

Moving well beyond earlier adventure games, The House of Da Vinci builds on its many interesting and unique game mechanisms and features by inviting players to explore new levels of complex puzzle solving. The Blue Brain team has added several brand-new features: players must master the physics behind sound waves to explore hidden places, discover embedded objects and other items normally hidden from the naked eye. Players can even tap into the mysteries of controlling time itself to help them navigate through the unknown. “We also wanted to make the game as unique as possible, to allow players to enjoy original features, but still keep it all super-simple to navigate, employing single-touch control,” explains Peter.

Real life quest

Blue Brain Games is a young puzzle game studio with amazing people behind it, bringing with them proven technology and uncompromising attention to detail. “We’ve taken on the challenge to move players back in time to Leonardo’s world: the amazing Florence of 1506,” says Martin about their quest.

The team is determined to approach multi-platform games in a different way: “We want to provide our players a game environment rich in details, we want to submerge them into an amazingly realistic atmosphere, we want to set your brain ablaze trying to solve complex puzzles and mechanisms – and most of all, we want you to have fun,” says Peter.

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