Gargantua – Music Review

Gargantua – Music Review


The Review –

Let’s start this review with some Gargantua insight. The band formed in 2013 and went public a year later. They are based in France and set to release their new album Feburary 28th. Gargantua is a french band performing a unique blend of music styles ranging from extreme metal to progressive rock. Their sound is like no other and the blend of music I must say is fantastic. Not to mention the transitioning in styles through out their tracks are AMAZING. Gargantua has mastered and organized their skills into a unique form of metal incorporating the keyboard and accordion. They offer an interesting contrast in their music from start to finish with each track. Getting drawn in by a piano meldoy flowing with flawless transition into a heavy metal sound while breaking into melodic vocals is not so easy to do but Gargantua makes it into a style of their own. Seemingly enough you would think they pull from different influences just by listening to their tracks but then here comes that surprise with interesting contrasts. Hitting you with instrumental breaks, pace’s of slowdowns and vocal beauty that gives the listener ample time to breathe in and enjoy every moment of their musical mastery.

Get Ready for the album release! Available February 28th 2016

The Line Up:

  • ­ Forcister Usurosae : Vocals
  • ­ Omnis Ishmaal : Guitar and Vocals
  • ­ Silee Ishmaal : Guitar and Vocals
  • ­ Porcheist Osdaal : Bass
  • ­ Mejeir Netylion : Keyboards, Accordion and Vocals (Founder)
  • ­ Ultema Obsorus : Drums.

Where to find Gargantua:

Our Rating based on 1-5 stars: 5 Stars

Artist Bio –

Although Gargantua’s six members united in late 2013, it isn’t until a year later that the project was revealed to the public. After a few shows with bands such as Kronos, Pitfalls in the Nursery or even 6h33, the band release two demos entitled « Freaks » and « Threshold of Death Part I : Gutters ». After a year of silence, Gargantua recently released its first EP entitled « Avant­Propos », which will be physically out the 28 of February.

Gargantua draws its influences from bands such as Sigh, The Black Dahlia Murder, Misanthrophe or even Opeth. The artwork of « Avant­Propos » was made by Okiko (Psygnosis, 2methyl) and all the tracks were mixed at the studio The Office / The Artist (Decades of Despair, Upheaval, The Bridal Procession)

Tracklist :

  • 1. A Delightful Sense of the Absurd (8:03)
  • 2. Threshold of Death Part. I : Gutters (8:00)
  • 3. Threshold of Death Part. II : Inherent Lunacy (4:52)

Total Playing Time : 25:36