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Review: The vaping world has become a huge multi functional organization of people who believe in a product that is safe and effective. There are thousands among thousands of smokers out there that have completely quit smoking to this new electronic device craze that has hit the industry. The main reason that has helped individual quite smoking is the devices they use and the juices that they acquire. There are thousands of flavors out there and it is hard to choose sometimes. I think if you are buying juices then you should buy high quality brands that are out there. When I was searching the internet to find some of my favorite juices after I ran out of the them, and know that purchasing online is sometimes easier than looking for that one shop that carries them all. I came across Giant Vapes, which is, and noticed that all the brands I enjoyed to vape were all on this one site in one place. What better shop could I find that would reach all the best brands out there? So, I ordered from them and noticed that within days I had my package at the door with the 3 juices that I ordered. It was perfect timing because some of my other juices had just ran out. At that moment I went to the site and realized that every time I purchase it goes towards the Giants Club or Loyalty points that they give to there customers. So, not only do I get the best brands and speedy delivery I also receive points that can acquire towards money for purchases.

I read also the story on how they had opened their doors and knowing that these people took the extra special care of focusing on who their customers were. I felt they needed to be exposed for there quality of work. For those who enjoy vaping, I highly express to check out Giant Vapes for your vaping needs. I feel that you will not be disappointed in the brands that are available along with the delivery that it reaches to your door.

About Founded in September 2013, Giant Vapes was an idea that took about a year to come to fruition. The company was inspired by our love for the vaping industry, but our hatred for paying so much money in shipping charges. We at Giant Vapes enjoy vaping e-liquids from many different vendors, and there was no place to buy them all (or at least many of them) so every order from every different vendor resulted in more money paid for shipping.

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