Golf With Your Friends – Game Review

Miniature Golf fans UNITE!!! Yes Golf With Your Friends is an amazing mini golf game. I have put over 12 hours into playing this game and I have to say so far we have been having the most epic fun with Golf With Your Friends. From being able to play three different course maps with difficulty difference to even being able to play custom games that allows you to play with random ball shapes for that extra laugh challenge this is a game for all. Being able to play with 12 people makes it tons more fun to play with your community not just family it is super fun. I also like being able to create a private server based round of golf so streamers or people can play with whom they want to share with it. Though if you are solo playing you have the option of jumping into a public room which is also awesome. I have to say playing with random balls like the puck, ball bounce and low gravity settings makes the game that much more fun. I have had so much fun and laughed so hard with the customization setting in game. The only thing I have noticed is the ability to get yourself stuck in the most odd places. However the game does indicated before had that there maybe some glitches in the game so that’s a even bigger plus since they do inform you the happenings with the game as soon as you log onto it. So Golf With Your Friends is not only extremely fun but also very affordable so I highly recommend this game to all family and friends.

Rating (1-5 stars): 5 Stars

Game Description

Golf With Your Friends is an entertaining, challenging, multiplayer mini golf game for up to 12 players. The game currently has 3 levels containing 18 holes each. The controls are simple and the game is designed for the user to be able to host or join a game within a few seconds. The game will be hosted on our servers where the user has the ability to add a password if so required or leave it open to the public.

Key Features

  • 3 Vibrant challenging levels containing 18 holes each, 54 in total. (With more on the way)
  • 12 Player multiplayer
  • Ball customization
  • Player created servers


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