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Gotham City Comics & Coffee Mesa AZ

We made a trip out this morning to grab some caffeine, and of course grab some vape juice from the Tempe area of Arizona; while out I had to check out some comics. Upon my Yelp search for a new shop to explore among the top few that popped up near our location was none other than Gotham City Comics in Mesa. We were only about 6 miles away so of course we headed in that direction to check em out. While we were reading the Yelp reviews we became even more intrigued with what we were about to see so we called the shop to see if they would be open while Annika put her foot on the gas.

No answer on the phone though once I hung up my phone ring to reassure me they were open, so onward we went. Arriving in Mesa the streets were quiet this morning so it was very easy to grab a parking spot right in front of the shop, so in we went. The glass outside was decorated to the max and as we entered the shop I could feel my wallet draining with happiness. Gotham City Comics is a beautiful shop with a very nice and helpful staff. Usually when we enter comic shops someone is right on top of us trying to make our picks for us, not here. We were welcomed, asked if we needed help; then we were enjoying our gazing upon all of our favorite comics and toys. Not once were we rushed, not once did anyone try to hand us a ton of items that we had no interest in; the vibe here was perfect.

We walked around the shop almost 3 times during our visit while we looked everything over thoroughly before we started picking out what were we getting on this trip. We made a mental list of about 50 items in which we will certainly be going back to purchase in future trips and at the same time we purchased a few comics that we were looking for. I must point out that in most shops that we’ve been to, I havent saw a lot of the toys that Gotham City Comics has in stock. The most important thing that we noticed are the packages that the toys are in were in the best condition out of almost every shop we’ve been to. Okay, so we ended up picking up the Penny Dreadful #2 cover B and C and the #2 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

To sum things up, Gotham City Comics of Mesa Arizona is a wonderful shop and we highly recommend it to comic collectors. You can find them on (Click to Visit) Twitter or Facebook

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