Happyish (2015) – TV Series Review

Happyish (2015) – TV Series Review

The Review –

OMG! Finally a TV Series that points out the ignorance of social following in the world, love this show. We put in Happyish (2015) to watch out of merely something to watch as we went to sleep, well that didn’t happen. Once the first episode started we couldn’t get enough.

Happyish (2015) is a TV Show for the not so “Idiocracy” side of the world, you know the 10 % that isn’t sheep following the simple point click like trends, or should I say following their favorite toilet paper on twitter; gotta love it. Happyish (2015) gets right down to the point and in a very humorous way, beautifully put together with the perfect cast. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Our Rating based on 1-5 stars: 5 Stars

IMDB Info –

On his birthday, Thom Payne gets the gift of insignificance and also a new boss. He suspects his ED pills are interfering with his anti-depressants, leaving him with neither happiness nor… happiness. In a culture that reveres youth – a culture he helped create – Thom needs to figure out what his purpose is now that he’s halfway to death and nobody cares what he thinks. Because in a world where any Kardashian is trending up, perhaps the wise among us would heartily embrace trending down.

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