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Matty Mudshovel's favorite Drink
Matty Mudshovel's favorite Drink

Everyday we get asked to write reviews on games,  movies, music, and much more; though god forbid we dont give the product 5 stars. Today we don’t live in a world where a review on a review site can really be trusted because the honest result is the people who wrote the review were compensated to post such nice things. Let’s take any movie that is in any way affiliated with Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone and look at the reviews on imdb, rotten tomatoes and more. 99% of the reviews on any of the movies affiliated with those actors are purchased reviews, in fact quite a few of those films got busted on imdb for having fake reviews. Then there’s sites like Metacritic which actually asked me to remove a review because it made a film look bad that they were highly marketing, I deleted my account and won’t support such a site. And let’s not forget the flooded reviews bashing Suicide Squad with the reasons of they didnt like Batman vs Superman, talk about ignorance at it’s finest. So to the point….

We write real honest reviews, we don’t like to write bad reviews so we tend to try and avoid bad crap like movie titles such as Sharknado, The Expendables, well you get my drift. Most of the time we get some real good people seeking press on indie games/movie/album, and a decent few have hit 3 to 5 stars in our opinion. Though we can say that if it isn’t rated 5 stars we tend to start getting a ton of emails asking us to alter the review, or messages like we made this change in it now so can you re-review etc. Then of course we also get those that send hate mail and that try and spam our system, well this totally makes me want to promote that product, I guess if a company harasses us to do something for free for them we should totally bend over for them; naa the outcome is we put those companies in a list of “Do Not Work With”. This list is not just our list, it is a list that is also viewed by anyone we work with. Makes our days go so much nicer afterwards.

Reviewing something is doing so from a personal prospective, and my opinion cannot be bought. People that love games, music, movies, etc need a real answer as to if something is good or not from a real person. No one needs stock piled big words to entice them into purchasing shit after shit; the world is tired of getting the same ole recycled crap everyday. So my point is, if you’re wanting a review and I’m taking the time out of my life to write it for you; don’t be butt hurt in the end if it isn’t a 5 star review. On that point let’s look at the star rating system and what it means.

(1 Star = SUX, 2 Star = Didn’t Like It, 3 Stars = Liked It, 4 Stars = Really Liked it, 5 Stars = Loved It)

okay so I hope I made my point clear, time to rest.

Hugs and love.

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Matty "MudShovel" Blaine enjoys anime, cycling, gaming, comics, music, movies, mountain biking, snowboarding, and so much more. He likes to let his family, friends, and the members of the WoodShed community know his thoughts on these things, and is the main writer and reviewer of the WoodBangers Entertainment website. All articles written that are reviewed by him are his 100% honest opinion because he doesn't believe in lying to those who trust him. He wants people to know that if that movie or game that all the critics are saying is great is really just overhypes Hollywood-spew or the real deal, so you don't waste your money and regret seeing or getting something. Remember, he's not getting paid to be another yes-man. He is not afraid to tell what he honestly thinks and feels about something. If it is great, there will be no doubt about it; if he doesn't like it, there will be zero doubt there. All reviews are HIS opinion and his opinion alone. They do not express the thoughts of everyone at WoodBangers, nor is he paid to write his reviews. If you disagree with his opinion and thoughts on something, that is fine, you are allowed to have your own opinion. If you take offense to his opinions, then please feel free to leave because he is not here to make everyone happy. He professionally writes and his reviews can be found on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Yelp, IGN, Crunchyroll, and many other sites. Also be sure to follow Matty on Steemit

Matty streams live game play on Twitch, talks about products in stream; and spends time with all of the community daily. He writes software, websites, and does server-side setup and securities for tons of companies. He has a ton of projects from building his YouTube Channel, promoting his local area (Scottsdale AZ), helping with game development, doing press for 15k Game Studios, doing press for 1k major record labels, well... this list just keeps going; what doesn't Matty do?

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