Honor Gorge Changes, New Awakened Allies, and UI Improvements included in Latest Dragon Blaze Update

Los Angeles, CA – September 20, 2016 – GAMEVIL’s Strategy RPG Dragon Blaze’s Newest Update Will Offer Three Fearsome Awakened Allies, Additions to the Honor Gorge, and Numerous User Interface Improvements.

The changes to Honor Gorge include the introduction of the new game mode Revenge of Belphegor. Revenge of Belphegor replaces the older Labyrinth game mode, allowing players to take on waves of challenging enemies while enticing participants with rewards based on ranking. Adventurers will now be allowed to bring in seven helper allies and will have the freedom to swap them out as they see fit.

Three old allies receive a reinvigorating spotlight with new awakened forms, further increasing possible team compositions. Details include:

Brave King Karang

Karang, now the king of the warriors, causes everyone to perish to light when he swings his iconic
golden hammer. Karang gains increased strength with his normal attacks.

  • Nordic Magnum:  Damages 1 enemy for 2789% of Karang’s attack. Target receives the Self-inflict debuff which reflects 80% of damage dealt for 11 seconds.
  • Nordic Crusher: Deals 1208% damage to all enemies and removes all buffs from them. The target’s normal attack is sealed for 10 seconds.
  • Dividing Nollrieber: Causes 1501% damage on all enemies. Each target is stunned for 10 seconds with a 90% chance. Inflicts an additional 2101% damage on any hiding enemy and disables their hiding status.

Hell’s Gatekeeper Yvante

Yvante was reborn as the leader of the magic tribe after opening the doors of hell. His soldiers fear
nothing in battle because of his strength, now powered by ancient knowledge. Yvante will either use
normal attacks or gives buffs to the ones he summons.

  • Warden’s Rage: Invokes Self-Destructing Soldier for 15 seconds. Inflicts increased fixed damage on the enemy with every normal attack. Explodes and inflicts damage on all enemies upon death.
  • Guard’s Caution: Calls on Hell Protector for 20 seconds. Hell Protector lessens received area-of-effect damage and taunts the enemy.
  • Demon’s Nail: Deals 1065% damage and an additional 261% life steal damage per seconds for 8 seconds. Stuns enemies for 10.5 seconds with a 70% chance.

Nightmare Queen Lilith
Lilith rules the territory of dreams as Nightmare Queen. Her enemies become helpless and weak after becoming bedazzled by her curses. Her normal attack places a debuff on enemies for additional damage.

  • Touch of Seduction: Delivers 2647% damage on one enemy. All buffs on the enemy are mimicked and applied to Lilith.
  • The Master of Curse: Wreaks 852% damage on all enemies. Applies an additional 300% damage per dispelled buff. If the enemy has a buff, the buff is dispelled.
  • Sweet Dream: Causes 958% damage on all enemies. An additional 827% damage is added based on the shield stats if the enemy has a shield for protection.

Lastly, User-interface improvements such as a Guide system, chatting improvements, and a way to measure damage contribution for the World Boss offer a bookend to what is a meaningful Dragon Blaze update.

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