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NieR: Automata

Live – Love – Play Awesome Games

Leave it to Square-Enix to put out yet another game that has my full attention. NieR: Automata is an awesome RPG that will be in my Steam games on the 17th of March. Honestly, I would’ve gotten it on PS4 if I would’ve had another hard drive handy as all of our consoles are maxed out in disc space.

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Very few games get my attention to the fullest though Square Enix seems to hit the nail on the head with almost every release. Not only is NieR: Automata a game that is on my high-interest list, I cannot wait till the game Detroit: Become Human by Quantic Dream releases as this game has had our attention since the Kara Demo video in 2012. Then, of course, one of my favorite games ever made “The Last of Us” by NaughtyDog has finally made known of ‘The Last of Us Part 2”, which is my most wanted games of all. When it comes to items in my most wanted list the above games are most wanted by everyone here at WoodBangers Entertainment.

We’re currently beefing up our gaming PC’s and adding additional hard drives to all of our consoles just to make room so we can enjoy those games to the fullest. Now with NieR: Automata releasing on Steam in a few days I did take notice of the specifications required to play the game. When I saw the graphic specs I then headed right out to get a stronger graphics card for my main PC so I can game in full 48 inch view and enjoy it thoroughly versus playing it on my Alienware Laptop which is totally capable of playing any game to come out.

Not only are we gearing up for some of the up and coming hot games, we’re beefing up our digital Movie library as we have thousands of movies and are in the process of putting all of them on our computers to make some room on the shelves for more collecting. We’ve added a section in our website as we call the Movie Room which displays every movie we own, well at least the ones I’ve had the time to add. Our goal in displaying all the crazy and fun things we’re into is so we can in turn find more people around the world that have the same interest in things that we do.

Our community The WoodShed is a very chill place, it’s not filled with a ton of members; it has a fair size of like minded and friendly people in it who spend tons of time with each other. A lot of us work in the same fields and some work in other aspects of things, but our common interest that hold us all together is that we’re all laid back and have no time for anything unless it’s fun.

We game together often, typically 4 to 5 nights a week. Mostly we play Overwatch, League of Legends, Ark: Survival Evolved, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, and many others. We cut up and chat about our day while we laugh our nights away with each other. When we’re not gaming together, most of us chat during the day on our Curse while we enjoy each other’s company while we’re all working our day to day. As we always say “It’s a wonderful life”. Great friendships, and it’s our little place online to have a blast all the time with someone we can call family, to chill with.

I Know, I got to rambling as I typically do; point being though. We’re enjoying our lives and hope to find more and more people like us that enjoy movies, anime, comics, cosplay, music, and all things nerdy as we do. Thanks for reading and I cannot wait for these games to be ready to play.


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