Huskki to the rescue

Hey i’m Huskki and I live in Wales, you know in the UK (not the big fish). I’m a long term member of WoodBangers and of course part of The WoodShed, now I’m an Elite member. Since being a member of WoodBangers, I’ve been considered part of the family, treated very well; and of course shown my obsessions with the Man-Kini while we all laugh together. I’m fun to chill and chat with, love to play games on the PC and on the xbox 360; and have a huge love for huskies (the dogs), and I have different pets as well people might not have. I also have a good passion for the paranormal and have seen the paranormal too; through my own eyes and through technology.

Let me tell you something, I’m not a great writer though I do want to share things here so be patient while I try to get the stories out, If you like what I write about be sure to leave me a comment and give me some insite on what other things I should focus on or even some tips on writing in general.