‘Infinite Desolation’ Challenges You To Battle Hordes Of Creatures And Survive The Environment In A High-Intensity PC Top-Down Sci-Fi Survival RPG

San Francisco, CA, October 5th 2016: Infinite Desolation by indie game developer Far-Flung Games offers a unique fusion of high intensity top-down action and deep Sci-fi survival RPG, set on a harsh planet that will test your grit. Your escape pod has crash-landed on a desolate planet and your objective is to survive at any cost, using your strength, agility, cunning and endurance to beat the odds, along with an impressive arsenal of weapons and powerful abilities. Danger lurks everywhere. There are many ways to stay alive, but more ways to die…

Game trailer: https://youtu.be/K2iwPKlRQlc

Infinite Desolation is not the average run-of-the-mill action game. Recently Greenlit via STEAM™, the game features deep character progression, exploration and looting, crafting, day-night cycles, environmental hazards, classic survival mechanics and world-jumping portals. You can choose to play as a Grunt, Psion, Scout, Engineer or Marine. Each playable option is customizable using the S.P.A.C.E attribute system: Strength, Psi, Agility, Cunning and Endurance. Scavenge for oxygen, water, health packs, ammo and crafting materials to ensure your survival. A wealth of weapons is available, from the basic M7 Plasma Rifle to the devastating R-G Launcher, a combined rocket/grenade launcher. To complement your weapons, you can unlock and upgrade powerful psionic abilities, including Speed, Blink, Repulse and Heal. Craft new items to aid in your survival, including a combat drone to fight by your side. Interact with the environment: trigger defence turrets, deploy bridges, activate bases and portals, or rest in shelters to recover. The world is packed with areas to explore, loot to uncover and enemies to kill.

Infinite Desolation includes a Story Mode, which is an engaging single-player campaign in the form of an action survival RPG. Doomed Mode is a battle for the top of the online leader board where you fight an unrelenting horde with all powers and weapons unlocked. In Co-Op Mode, you can fight alongside a friend in a variation of the Doomed Mode.

Infinite Desolation offers a great gameplay experience to fans of action-packed titles looking for the ultimate thrill of a fun game getting better by the day as Far-Flung Games continues to add new content and additional features prior to its official release.

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