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More and more as the days go by or as aging continues (lol), I find myself finding, even more, things of interest. My interest in anime has grown, and of course, there’s a good bit of it that isn’t for me too; I’m starting to think that it’s more specific genres or that some stories are just better than others; either way, my interest has grown.

As you all know my first true start into anime (all in head first) started with Kill la Kill and it has gotten to be more of an interest since then. Of course, I was into some anime over the years before such as “Dragon Ball Z”, “Aeon Flux”, “Ghost in the Shell”, and a few others but it wasn;t a huge thing for me. Now each day I search for a new anime to check out, some of my friends have sent some recommendations and some I did love and some I didn’t; this is when I noticed it has to be a specific type of anime.

What holds my attention in an Anime?

A really good anime, in my opinion, is one that the story is solid and the characters are well balanced with their back stories and voices, this is the most important to me. I’ve watched some anime shows where the voice just didn’t fit the character and I just had to turn it off cause I couldn’t watch it anymore. I’ve done a bit of reading to learn that anime and manga have genres which basically are directed at specific demographics and I’ve noticed that I don’t seem to fit into the standard either.

Anime that holds my attention, are shows that run stronger than you’re well-done TV Show or movie. An anime which comes to the top of my head first that is better than most TV Shows would be “Attack on Titan”. This show has a wonderful set of voice actors and actresses both original language and English dub (Funimation English dub). I love the story line, yes a bit of it fits in the realm of cartoon though it has something that glues me to it; this is one of our new found favorites. Kill la Kill is my most favorite for its story most of all but the characters and their voice actors and actresses are just perfect, by far my #1 favorite anime of all.

I don’t think I care truly narrow down the specifics as to the style or genre as I enjoy a wide variety, here are a few that I enjoy.

  • Kill la Kill
  • Akame Ga Kill
  • Soul Eater
  • Rosario + Vampire
  • Attack on Titan
  • Highschool of the Dead
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Black Bullet
  • Keijo!
  • RWBY
  • No Game No Life

Well, this list can go on and on.

Collecting Anime Toys:

When we like an anime, we tend to start collecting all of the toys, plushies, action figures, and much more for each one we like. We have a ton of toys, comics, DVD’s, and other things we just enjoy collecting; it’s our way of supporting the things we like.

So far our anime toy collection at the moment is just Kill la Kill, RWBY, Attack on Titan, Rosario + Vampire, and a few others; I’m sure we will need a full room for the toys to sit in within the next year or two.

We love the toys by Figma, Good Smile, and a few others which make very high end action figures. These are some of our favorite companies to buy them from due to the durability of the items as well as the perfection that goes into each toy created.

Well gang, I’ll share more on my interest in anime and manga as I have the time; between now and then feel free to drop a comment below to share some of your favorite anime or mangas.

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