It has been an unbelievable Journey so far – Cycling

When we started cycling on August 13th, 2017 we didn’t imagine that it would’ve gotten us to where we are now. We’re on our second bike now and our newest daily minimum has reached 15 miles. We started with a simple 3 miles a day and in the beginning, with those heavy Mongoose bikes, 3 miles was a chore, with the Giant ATX Bikes 10 miles has become a breeze.

Yesterday we decided that since we have been managing reaching 10 miles a day in our afternoon ride then we’d try and reach a new goal, we set out to reach 15 miles and came back with a reach of 18.4 and we weren’t tired. Usually, about every 2.5 miles we have to stop for a little water stop as the waters are in my bag so yes, full stop; though yesterday we didn’t stop for our first water stop till 7 miles in. The entire time we rode all we could think or talk about was that we could wait to reach 100 miles a week and now with our daily minimum being 15 miles a day, that’s 105 miles a week; woot.

When we started cycling we thought that it would be a simple solution for good exercise, an hour a day and we would be happy; now we can’t get enough. We’re currently looking at a third bike for some time between Xmas or right afterward. This next bike will be specifically for speed and not for mountain biking or trails, our goal with the new bike will be to reach further distances at higher speeds. Currently, on our Mountain Bikes, we vary between 15 mph and 35 mph, though we tend to average in the 15 mph range which is easy on our legs right now. Thankfully lately the heat hasn’t been as bad, ranging between 103 and 108 degrees; we make sure to stay hydrated.

As we progress with riding we will spend more and more time out on the road and less time at our desk; we’ve decided that we can play games when we’re not riding as we’re at our desks long enough with our work but though we still do our morning stream and game some on the weekends.

Cycling has brought more happiness than we had ever thought and will the support of the 6k plus members in CF rooting everyone on, what more kind of support could anyone need; hugs and loves to all of CF.

Welp, it’s time to get some stretches in before our ride today, woot thanks for reading and we wish you all an awesome labor day.

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