Jamie Woodfin, Jr. – Music Review

Jamie Woodfin, Jr. – Music Review

Here is a kid that can play guitar! He can also write bad-ass songs, do ass-kicking studio work, and play and sing the hell out of blues. Originally from Northern Indiana, Jamie Woodfin, Jr. began playing guitar at age 15. He started writing his own songs at age 18 and began recording his own work in 2003 with just a cassette recorder and a stereo for playback to lay multiple tracks. Jamie now plays guitar, bass, and arranges drum tracks for all of his recordings. WoodBangers is here to say: “You’ve come a long way, kid”…and with Woodfin, Jr.’s latest album “Tha Jams’ Rock”, the proof is in the pudding.

“Tha Jams Rock” is Woodfin, Jr.’s third album and he spent most of 2014 working on it. He finished it up in November of that year to release it on January 27th of this year. Woodfin, Jr. says in his biography that he “…couldn’t be any happier with the way the songs turned out…”. We don’t think that we could be any happier, either; especially with tracks such as “Once I Had a Woman”, which shines the example of Jamie Woodfin, Jr. being able to play and sing the hell out of the blues as bright as the sun. It is a great, mellow jam and personally; I just cannot stop listening to it! “Enter The Dream” is an outspoken, truth-bearing tune that is accompanied by a video which chronicles riots that have taken place in different cities in the world throughout history.

In 2005 Jamie Woodfin, Jr.’s first and second albums (“The Realization of Life” and “Innovation Never Phelt So Good”) were recorded and released by him also with the first home studio set up that he had purchased. After having his music played on local FM radio and being featured on a PBS special in 2006, Woodfin, Jr wanted to further his understanding of music and attended the University of Indiana South Bend. This is where Woodfin, Jr. claims that his ambition for recording really presented itself. He has spent the last eight years learning about home recording and he now has a full set up of his own where he does all of his own work.

Woodfin, Jr. says that he looks forward to performing live more this year along with working on his fourth album. We look forward to seeing you live and hearing your fourth album, Jamie. We can’t wait. We invite all of our members to join and rate Jamie Woodfin, Jr.’s band page at our very own www.woodbangers.com. Jamie has some songs, videos, photos, and a bio that can all be seen there, so anyone out there that is not a member of our community yet is strongly encouraged to become one and go to Jamie’s page and show him some support. Thank you.

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