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If you are an enthusiast of platform mobile games, you should prepare yourself for a new dose of experience coming with Jumping Back 2.0 Update. On 1st of December Polish indie game developer Efektpol VR will present a slightly modified gameplay including new levels, additional challenges and exciting battles with strong opponents.

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Year 2019. Earth has been overrun by rebellious machines that suddenly broke out of human control. The main protagonist of the story is brave mechanic Al, who has to rescue his beloved one. Peggy was kidnapped by Bad Robot in front of Al’s eyes. Now the hero has to face danger, save Peggy’s life and liberate people from the command of mad machines. His task is extremely difficult, because the leader of rebellion is a sneaky and forceful opponent. But Bad Robot isn’t the only threat! There are also dozens of dangerous, flying machines hindering Al’s goal. What’s more, this crazy race takes place between constantly moving elevators. One false move and everything will be lost!

Jumping Back 2.0 will include new levels, shop items, a number of challenges testing player’s skills and concentration, three different endings, and a lot of surprising obstacles during the race. All of this will be kept in well-known retro futuristic style.

Marcin Nowak is a CEO of Efektpol. He worked as a screenwriter, director and motion capture actor in The Witcher (2007) and Dying Light (2014). Nowak was also responsible for trailers and additional materials to The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (2011).


Check out Jumping Back 2.0 trailer https://youtu.be/bagpdGFRKm4.


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