Killer B Guitars made the most beautiful guitar!!

Today we all sit with the happiest of expressions on our faces. It’s Official the WoodBangers LB-Series Guitar arrived at the office of Sinister Guitar Picks. This beautiful, one of a kind, guitar was designed and built by Killer B Guitars of Memphis Tennessee. When I woke today I had a message from Sinister Guitar Picks with a photo attached, I still hadnt open my eyes yet as I hit open on the message. The photo was our guitar sitting in the SGP Office in Florida……… We were speechless when we made the call to see what was up.

SGP states that this guitar was one of the finest playing guitars that he had ever seen or played. He says he chose it over his high-end ESP Guitar, and that he had to have one of these. Killer B Guitars went above and beyond to get this guitar done and he gave it everything to make it perfect. This guitar is a one of a kind make, the style is handcraft, and the features are of the highest performance. Get ready world as we work with Killer B Guitars, Sinister Guitar Picks and a few more to prepare the next model.

Be sure to check out Killer B Guitars today and while you’re at it, pick up some of the limited edition WoodBangers guitar Picks by Sinister Guitar Picks.

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