Killer Instinct: Season 2 – Review

Killer Instinct: Season 2

The Review

First out of the gate I honestly didn’t like this game, it reminded me too much of Mortal Kombat. After I really started playing it I realized why it reminded me of so many games back in the day and that is because this game is from back in the day. Back in the day of Nintendo…. I played so much games back then I can’t even remember the names but yes this was one of them. Recently we had started playing Killer Instinct Season 2 on XBOXONE, after getting it as a free game via the Gold Membership. Once I downloaded the game in order to really do anything I had to purchase a character pack.

Well we played the game on multiplayer mode and ran into some really cool gaming friends which knew a low about Killer Instinct and they were kind enough to help us get to playing it. The next day we bought the character package and it was on like Donkey Kong, we were playing all night. This game is fun with it’s basic 6 button pattern the challenge is to be able to counter move your opponent and if you cant’t, your ass gets handed to you lol.

Love this game if you dont have it grab it, if you do add us on XBOX Live and let’s play, you can join our tournaments and play with some really cools peeps by going to

5 stars

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