KITE your way through a deep Action RPG Adventure!

Kite is a nostalgic twin-stick shooter with easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master gameplay set to release on Early Access Nov. 11th. Dripping with retro-future aesthetics, Kite’s lush pixel art and original synthwave score provide the perfect setting for a deep Action RPG adventure.

“Kite/Kiting (definition) [kahyt][noun]: the action of running away from a moving object while simultaneously taking action to affect that object.”

Take on the role of Mags, droid pilot and scientist, tasked with operating the only functioning droid remaining after a massive robot rebellion at the secret base Arch City. Utilize a fantastic arsenal of weapons and level up by clearing huge enemy waves and completing objectives. Find new synergies in the 4-branch, 76-point skill tree and choose between a myriad of play styles, upgrading gear accordingly.


Game Features:

  • Massive destructible pixel art environments

  • Frenzied objective based combat

  • All original retro-future synthwave score and 3D SFX

  • Rescued scientists recycle scrap reclaimed from battle into gear

  • Endless customization and viable build choices

  • Flexible scoring system rewards thorough players & speed runners

  • Crushing enemy lineup of bots, droids, turrets, & huge bosses!

Kite will be on display live at Eugene Comicon (Eucon) in Oregon for release Nov 11th:

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