The Last of us – Left Behind 2014 ­Game Review

The Last of us ­- Left Behind (addition)

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The Last of Us has for sure became my most favorite game of all time. Im still going through the levels and storyboard covering each and every corner of the layout, and have completed the game in Easy, Easy+ and now Im going through Normal again.

This game is really hard and fun, when we first got The Last of Us we tried to start the game on Normal and wow was we in for a surprise. I’ve beaten the game now several times on Easy and Easy+ trying to get every trophy under each level; so I keep going through it again. The other night we got a notice that The Last of Us had an extended game play titled “Left Behind” it’s more to the story of Ellie’s encounters before she met Joel. We bought the addition at $14.99 and began playing, this is an extra approximately 3 hours of the game where you play the role of Ellie before she had gotten bit.

This addition is awesome, especially if you are fans of this game. Collecting all of the comics was one of the hard parts in The Last of Us, let alone collecting all of the Firefly Pendents, and other collectibles.

Now the addition Left Behind the hardest part is staying alive with minimal items to pick up. On Easy mode playing the addition it is hard, limited items to pick up to get through the battles, and tons of targets to take out. I had a blast playing this addition, and of course once I was finished playing it, I went right back to playing The Last of Us (continuing through Normal Mode).

Now I dont know when I will get to hard mode or Survival+ mode, this could be awhile, but for now I’m enjoying the game as I have the opportunity to play.

Thanks so much to the creators of this game for making my only time off enjoyable to play.

Article by: Mudshovel

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Official Game Information –

Info: Ellie returns in Naughty Dog’s first ever, single-player downloadable story chapter The Last of Us: Left Behind.
New light is shed on Ellie’s relationship with Riley, her best friend and sometime-mentor from a military boarding school they grew up in together. After disappearing for weeks, Riley returns with a surprising revelation on her whereabouts. Ellie and Riley sneak out of school for the last time, leading to a series of events that will forever change both of their lives.
The Last of Us: Left Behind combines themes of survival, loyalty, and love with tense, survival-action gameplay in this brand new add-on chapter to the best-selling PS3 exclusive, The Last of Us.

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