Legen-dairy game about a bazooka-wielding cow launches on Steam.

Legen-dairy game about a bazooka-wielding cow launches on Steam.

Blamdown: Udder Fury is not your average indie game. In fact, it’s a lot more amoosing than any twin stick featuring bovines this year. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a cow whose girlfriend meats an unfortunate end in a meat grinder? Look no further!

“Blamdown: Udder Fury is a fast-paced twin stick shooter about a cow with a bazooka and a lust for revenge.”

Steer our horned heroine Moonalisa on her quest for vengeance: Jump on top of buildings, shoot down jetpack-powered rocket troopers and fight elite Segway soldiers while hamburgers rain from the sky. Battle your way across the American continent to free animal kind from human oppression!

  • Fully destructible environments: Blow up buildings, bad guys and your neighbors picket fence.
  • Unlock a myriad of Mootations to enhance your cow and her guns.
  • Choose Enemy Upgrades: The more you destroy, the bigger their budget becomes. You choose how they spend it!

End the reign of the meat eaters and have a blast doing so! Follow the story of Moonalisas rampage to the bitter end and learn just how much chaos one cow can create. It’s a lot. Cown’t on it.

Landing page: http://gurugames.se/games/blamdown-udder-fury/
Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/460560/
Tagline:Cowabunga was taken”

About Guru Games:
Guru Games is the award winning indie developer behind the 2015 first person puzzler Magnetic: Cage Closed and Medusa’s Labyrinth, the most downloaded horror game on Steam in 2016. Why the are making a game about a cow with a bazooka is a mystery to everyone, especially themselves.

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