Legend (2015) – Movie Review

Legend (2015) – Movie Review

Movie Review –

Legend (2015) is an amazing biography/drama film based on the Kray twin gangsters in the 1960’s. This film features an amazing acting role by Tom Hardy where he plays both of the brothers extremely well. Legend is an awesome film, the story was presented extremely well and honestly there isn’t one negative thing that I could even think to say. I believe that Legend (2015) is a perfectly put together film in all aspects. All of the casts played their parts well showing believable characters I especially loved the makeup and costumes used which kept the era nice and on point. Emily Browning I believe was the perfect female lead in Legend, for some reason she plays well in the older styled films like this.

This is a great story to check out, you wont be let down on this film.

Our Rating based on 1-5 stars: 5 Stars

IMDB Info –

The film tells the story of the identical twin gangsters Reggie and Ronnie Kray, two of the most notorious criminals in British history, and their organised crime empire in the East End of London during the 1960s.

Plot or Story Line –

Focusing on the relationship between Reggie Kray and Frances Shea, told from France’s’ point of view as someone who knew him best, as well as the mental health issues Ronnie Kray faced and their rise to power as the notorious gangsters of London.

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