Legend of Miro – Game Review

So where to start. Legend of Miro feels like a retro game. I started by watching the game preview on Steam. ( I highly recommend this) It has an interesting story. With out the preview you might be a little lost as there is no real intro to the game. At first glance the game reminded me of Zelda. I was excited for the adventure.

The Good:
Game has clear cut map. It is not an open sandbox. This works in your favor as there isn’t much direction from the start. It has a retro feel. With most of todays games developers are pushing high end graphics, the change is welcome and I think works well for this. Movement is easy and fluid. I think the story and trying to get out of Miro could be fun.

The Ok:
Once I found my first mission I felt like I was on a roll. The people you come across give you tasks and you need to complete them. Each person has a set of questions or directions for you. Once you complete a task a new one is given to you. Through the menu you can see what you have done and what tasks still need to be completed. Most tasks require you to fetch an item and bring it back. Some involve puzzles. I love puzzles and figured i was in for a long fun night.

The Bad:
Okay I don’t want to trash the game but it dose have a few hiccups. This is to be expected with an indie game but I ran into them in the first few missions. First the game is played with the keyboard only ( no mouse at all ) this would be okay but it was hard for me to tell what i have selected in menus. Maybe the selected item should change colors or something. Next there is no direction at the start of the game. You walk around unsure of what to do, why you are there or how to do anything. I found myself tapping keys until something happened. I found the puzzles a number guessing game for the most part and became boring. ( once again here no direction or range of numbers to choose with in )

The biggest flaw/glitch I came across in the short time I played the game happened when I got out of order in tasks. I meet the inn keeper early in the game and completed a few tasks for him. ( get fish for a meal for the leader of the village ) I completed this task. Then went and met the leader who told me to go and meet 5 villagers. Once I completed that and went back to the leader. I was tasked with going and getting the meal the inn keeper had made. Now here is the problem, When I went to the inn keeper I was told that I had not yet met the leader. When I went back to the leader I was told you haven’t brought me my food. It became and endless loop the I could not complete the task. Which stalled the game for me as I could not complete the task.

So the long and the short of it, this game has the potential to be good. If you like the retro look and feel of a game this will be for you. If you enjoy a grind then I think you will enjoy Legend of Miro. For me I like a game that has some direction and back story at the start. I found not being able to use my mouse to click on items, menus, people makes the game a struggle for me to know what option I am picking. I also prefer a game to be less grindy. I will invest a few more hours and see where it goes, fingers crossed.

I give the game 3 stars. Its not a bad game its just not one I would go out of my way to play.

About the Game

Legend of Miro is a storytelling role-playing game, that will put life into a different perspective. It is a story that will make you reconsider the important things in life. The main idea of the game was born after a brainstorming session in which we asked ourselves how can we make a different Indie RPG. We wanted to create something that was not done before, with new storytelling and interactivity elements, but remain an Indie game at its core. We came to the conclusion that what all the Indie RPG games are missing is the interactivity, so we decided to approach the game in a different manner that developers normally do.

Official Website: legendofmiro.com