“Leviathan” – New Album by Otto Dix on Kickstarter

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Otto Dix are getting ready to record their 9th full-length album “Leviathan” and have started a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the production costs. The audiably and visually delicious rewards for backers include signed copies of the album, exclusively designed T-Shirts and original A2 pencil drawings by the band’s composer Marie Slip.

“Leviathan” is to be released on the 1st of August 2017. It will contain 11 songs, 2 of which are already finalised and the rest are drafted. The vocalist Michael Draw describes the idea of Leviathan as the inner and outer Ocean, the inner and outer Cosmos, the demons of every human being. According to Marie Slip, the new album will consist of 100% electronic sound with a minimum of lyrical songs.

Otto Dix is the perfect example of a band which managed to evolve from an obscure underground level to countrywide popularity in just a few years of being on stage while remaining unique and independent. Formed in 2004, Otto Dix initially positioned themselves as a darkwave band, but soon went beyond the tight framework of the genre to become what can be best described as “electronic avant-garde”. The rare voice of the vocalist Michael Draw (contra-tenor – the highest of male voices) and the band’s distinct style make Otto Dix a truly unique phenomenon.

Check out the Kickstarter – Click Here

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