The Life of a Mage – the saga continues – A World of Warcraft Story

a mage life

The grinding has been real! Since my first article about “The Life as a Mage – A World of Warcraft Story” we’ve been running quest after quest and dungeon after dungeon, it’s truly been a push for growth within our guild. Over the weeks of grinding, we’ve run into even more people like us who have slowly started to join in the family fun by adding a toon to our guild or just doing runs together each day.

We’ve not missed a day playing World of Warcraft since we’ve jumped back into Legion. Every day one by one of us start logging in, then we’re instantly in voice just chatting up about our days and what the next play of attack will be “For the Alliance”. A few of us are grinding for the Flying in Legion and over the course of roughly a month are almost there. The struggle to gain the right reputations within the proper factions, the search for more and more world quest to get done, and the LFR’s/Mythic Dungeons; yes playing World of Warcraft is a chore but a fun one. So…. Yes the grind had been real, and each day our guild steps one step up the later as an awesome, fun, growing guild; each day we reach a few more achievements and quite possibly another awesome new playing to call a friend.

Now we all know by the first story that my main character or role is a mage, and actually, most of my toons are mage’s; my wife though she is now playing the tank role. A lot of our friends in the guild have been helping to guide her to become an awesome tank, we can’t thank Robo, Xondre, and Lelu enough for all of the awesome help. Now as the day of work finishes for my wife (Annike Blaine), she starts researching youtube videos on up and coming raids that we’re planning as well as how to perform her role better within the dungeons as we progress in better numbers on mythics.

I love our group (guild/family/friends), all of these guys and gals are just remarkable people; and we cherish the times (days,weeks,months,years) that we’ve all shared together in the game and in real life. And for you (the reader) thank you for keeping up with my stories and I hope you are enjoying what we do; we also welcome you to come and play with us or chill with us on our stream.


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