The Life of a Mage – A World of Warcraft Story

Since the beginning, the Game World of Warcraft has been sort of our lives away from reality; it’s our enjoyment time and the fantasy world where we spend a lot of time with some really good friends. We started in the early releases of WoW and are still dedicated players, though the last 9, almost 10 years have been the most enjoyable.

We both started out again as mages, we were simple, fun, and pretty ballsy mages that would pull anything. Annika and I would run into dungeons and raids by ourselves just to see how much we could take on, we were known to our guild as the mage tanks and some of the most loyal and hardworking members. Over time within the guild a member passing sort of really got things quiet, he was an awesome person and it was really hard for people to play together without rehashing the sadness so everyone sort of went on their own way. A year of quietness within the guild and we just simply stopped being in a guild for a while so we could go back to just playing though without a guild it’s hard to reach some achievements or get in some of the raids so we sought out a new one. We did finally land in a sort of fun guild after a bit thankfully we met another couple of good friends as that guild sort of fell apart too, so onward we went as a few of us made a new guild on our own. Bouncing around sort of introduced us to so many kinds of players and things just sort of got old and boring to play when Warlords of Draenor came out, quite possibly the worst patch by Blizzard as millions upon millions of players closed their accounts; and so did we. Time passed by………

Many games came and went, so many games that it was as if we couldn’t find any game that truly held our interest until we saw the release for Legion, so we started playing a bit and pre-ordered Legion. Day one of the release of Legion is when we stopped playing again as things had been changed so much that it was a huge change to even continue playing, such a big step that we rarely play our main toons anymore; but we’re getting back into it.

A few weeks ago we decided to all of a sudden turn back on our World of Warcraft Accounts due to Overwatch being filled with so many pieces of shit gamers that need hacks to be able to play, and oddly when we signed in we found that so did several of our long time friends so we started running together; “IT WAS AWESOME”! Since that day we’ve played together every night and haven’t missed a night, not once while playing World of Warcraft during this time have we not had an awesome game experience; we are back and happy gamers again.


We started a new Guild build by all of us nerdy peeps who have spent the last years gaming together, we set the rules together and we all have been growing daily together; it’s been a blast, to say the least. Last night we come together and knocked out our first Mythic Dungeon run and the first Raid as this new guild, this is one of the many achievements we will do together over the next probably 20 years lol. So…… I’m now gonna do an article at least once a week here to share our passion and fun as PC Gamers and this is the start of “The Life of a Mage”.


Thanks for reading and check out all of the photos from our World of Warcraft experiences together.

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