Loops – Product Review

A few months back I got an email inviting me to check out a product called Loops, when I was reading the email I was saying to myself “What are Loops”, I had never heard of such an item. I looked over all of the material they sent to me in the email and they got my address to send out the samples to me. We wrote back and forth many times to see where I was was on the review and to make sure the samples arrived. It did take a lot longer than what any of us had anticipated on the arrival, though this was a Postal Service issue as to the long wait.

The awesome people at Loops sent that sample package out that day, when it did make it to me I was pretty excited to see what was in the package and ripped through it then and there. My interest from day one was will a Phone Loop fit on my phone since I use OtterBox, well gang it fits perfectly! I received two Ninja Loops, and a Petite Loop. Loops asked what color I liked before they sent them to me and what they sent are awesome and totally fit my personality.

My wife and I now rock out the Phone Loops on both our phones, they were simple to install, they came with perfect simplified instructions, and the packaging was nicely put together. Loops made it so much easier for us to hang on to our phones when talking and adds a bit of unique flair to them as well.

Find out more about Phone Loops or to get your own, check out their website at https://phoneloops.com/

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