MADRINA – Suicide Bunny – E-Juice Review

MADRINA – Suicide Bunny – E-Juice

Madrina juice by Suicide Bunny is amazing. I see why this is Pip’s personal favorite. There are layers upon layers of creamy melon goodness that comes out on every exhale. The watermelon that you had earlier that day you will taste in this small bottle of juice made by Suicide Bunny. The juice is refreshing on a hot day almost like you are sitting on the beach with a nice breeze to keep you comfortable. This juice has a subtle cream inhale while the melons are tucked away for the exhale that you will enjoy.

The Suicide Bunny’s Description: Ahh, the enchantment of Madrina. This is Pip the Bunny’s personal favorite. Try it and you’ll see why. It might be the enchanting cream base. It might be the notes of melon tucked into every layer. It might be all of the above, and more. Try it and taste for yourself.

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5 out of 5 star Review

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