WoodBangers Entertainment

It takes a lot of work to do what we do here at WoodBangers Entertainment and The WoodShed Community. From creation to funding, the spending every hour of the day keeping everything running in tip top condition. Check out the awesome people who help make sure things get done.

matty mudshovel


 Matty Mudshovel (Scottsdale, AZ)

Matty is the creator and idealist behind WoodBangers Entertainment working side by side with Wife (Annika) and business partners to make this place become a reality. Matty writes articles, writes code, secures servers, implements new ideas, markets, and responds to any and all community needs.

1991 – present


 Annika Mudshovel (Scottsdale, AZ)

Annika is the heart and soul behind making sure things get done in WoodBangers. Many don’t see what she does to make things happen, but if you know Matty well enough you’d know keeping him organized is a task on its own. Annika heads up the Game Development Team and works with other Game Studios around the world.

1995 – Present


 KWOLF WoodBanger (NC/SC/GA/FL)

KWOLF is sort of the quiet one in the group though always lurking. Many don’t see what goes on in the business and financial end of things, especially keeping up with the nuttiness that Matty and Annika do. KWOLF helps keep the biz running where it needs to be.

2000 – present


 Aoun Naqvi (Pakistan)

Aoun Naqvi is an amazing code developer that is part of the Team WoodBangers. He also works on Matty’s Dev Team.

2016 – Present

Director of Marketing and Sales

Niki Sands (Phoenix, AZ)

Niki Sands takes on the big task and she is here to help keep the train running, she is also part of Studio Minions.

2017 – Present


 Huskki (Wales, UK)

Huskki helps to keep specific content added and up to date. Items such as Band Pages, Awesome Places, Events Calendar; and much more.

2016 – Present

Social Media & Web

Krisp Vaughan (Wales, UK)

Krisp helps to take care of Social Media such as the Facebook Group and many other aspects of the social media.

2017 – Present

Editing & Creative Writing

Suzanna Young (Wales, UK)

Suzi is not just a writer or editor that helps here at WoodBangers Entertainment, she is also the creator of The Darkness of Ragnarokk.

2017 – Present

Traveler – Gamer – Reviewer

Matty B (Traveler, USA)

Matty B has been with WoodBangers Entertainment since 2013, although he had been on the road during the last few years he has been working the travel scene for content.

2013 – Present

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