Mick James Is Dead by Mick James (2014) Album Review

Mick James Is Dead by Mick James (2014) Album Review

Mick James is Dead is an album that basically tells a story with its tracks and starts out humorously. It is a dark, semi-upbeat humor. The artist gets off stage from a concert, meets up with some chicks. Wakes the next morning to find himself late for his next gig. Each song is the next chapter of this story, with short tracks tucked in between in a few places to give a little more insight into things and connect the songs into one long flowing story. As I said, it starts amusingly enough, but there are a couple tracks that actually have some very serious undertones to them. They mix the overall dark humor of this “graveyard” album with some lyrics that will actually make you stop and think. The song “Reality Check” is one that takes a turn from the dark humor and starts out in a way that will actually give you pause as you listen to how it starts. There are still some tongue-in-cheek moments, but this song is different from the rest, as least it is to me and hits home really hard because of how it starts. I won’t spoil it, you will have to listen to the album yourself to understand what I mean. Even the music itself takes a far more serious tone for this track. The next track. “My Life Before Me”, follows in the more serious tones of the lyrics and music. I enjoyed the whole album but these two tracks are actually my favorite because of how thought provoking they are. I am not sure if this was Mick James’s purpose with these tracks, but I do enjoy them a lot. I love the feel and message I took from them. The last track picks up with a little bit more of the upbeat tone of the music and has some wonderful guitar riffs mixed in that I enjoyed. So hard to get good music with some excellent riffs mixed in. I am a child of the ‘80s, raised on the big rock of the late ‘70s and ‘80s thanks to my dad. So I have a soft spot for a kickass guitar rift. I have seen some people liken this album and Mick James’s music to Rob Zombie. Earlier in the album, I can sort of understand why because of a couple songs that talk about aspects of death and being dead, but in reality, you can’t really say Mick James is like this artist or that band. There are vague similarities to other rock artists, but in truth he has his own style of rock. Good fucking album. I enjoyed it a lot.


Mick James is Dead is the 2014 album put out by Mick James.

You can find him here on Reverbnation (please note that only a couple of the songs from the album can be found on here, NOT the full album)

You can pick up the full album on these digital storefront:

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Bio: Micky James is a noted song writer, producer/engineer, musician and actor. He is most widely known for the music included in the hit television show Criss Angel Mindfreak. The highly recognizable “Mind Freak Theme” song was written by Micky James/Criss Angel and produced by both Micky and Jonathan Davis (KORN). Micky’s haunting, enchanting melodies have added an extra element of suspense to the show’s illusion for all 6 seasons. Micky has also created music from 2009 to present for the Criss Angel/Cirque Du Soleil Vegas show “Believe”. Also, Micky’s work was showcased in the 2003 Criss Angel Supernatural special shown on the Sci Fi channel and the 2004 Criss Angel Made in Japan special that aired in Japan. 

Micky’s other credits include Carmen Electra’s NWWL show (2007). On demand pay per view , Super bowl (2010), CBS NFL Pre games (2010/to present). Jets Play off game on CBS (2011). March Madness NCAA (2011/to Present) on CBS, MTV Cribs, & Teen Cribs, CMTV Cribs, VH1 That Metal Show (2010/to present). 

He can also be heard on WWE, HBO, Criss Angel Biography on A&E, The American Country Awards, The Tyra Banks Show, Phenomenon on NBC, Basketball on CSTV, Entertainment Tonight, Parenthood on NBC, Dirty Money on Discovery channel. Dangerous roads on Discovery channel. The Magic Place (Criss Angel’s new Web network). 

Micky is a co-owner of his own studio called Beneath The Sun Recording Studio located in New York, where he currently records and produces.
He also works out of Jungle City Studios (Alicia Keys, Depeche Mode, Jay-Z) when working his major label projects.

Micky has designed his own signature series of guitars & basses for Carparelli Guitars. Named the “Levitation 7” that produce a certain unique sound for guitarists who are seeking something a little different. The guitars he designs are also very visually distinctive from any other guitars now on the market. 

Micky proudly uses and endorses Ampeg bass Amps, Marshall Guitar Amps, Vox Guitar Amps, Korg Keyboards & software, Carparelli Guitars, DR Strings, IN Tune Guitar Picks, Focusrite Recording Gear, Cad Microphones, GMS Custom Drums, Snap Jack Cables, Pigtronix Effects boxes, Waldorf software, Wallander Instruments software, Softube plugins, Sample Logic Software and FXpansion software. Amplisonic Amps, Megatone pedals. For all Music Production & Song Writing Inquires Please Contact Ari Admani & Company at: melissa@ariadmani.com @MickJamesMusic