THE MISSION to Release Another Fall From Grace October 14th

THE MISSION to Release Another Fall From Grace October 14th via Eyes Wide Shut/SPV


THE MISSION will release their new album, Another Fall From Graceon  October 14th via Eyes Wide Shut/SPV.
Another Fall From Grace was produced by Wayne Hussey and Tim Palmerand features guest backing vocals from Gary Numan, Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Ville Valo (HIM), Julianne Regan (All About Eve) & Evi Vine.
“For me, this new MISSION album is the long lost missing link between the Sisters Of Mercys First & Last & Always and The MISSIONs Gods Own Medicine, both albums of course that I was heavily involved in making. I set out this time with the intention of making an album that sounds like 1985. The fact that I feel this has largely been achieved is down to my renewed love for the jingle jangle shimmer of the electric 12 string guitar which featured heavily on those two previously mentioned albums and now the new MISSION album.
This is a dark album although I didnt set out with that intention; its just the way things unfolded. I know I did go a little crazy and even a little paranoid during the recording of this album, certainly my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing all suffered during the course of it. And I think that has informed both the music and the lyrics. So much of this was done in isolation – from the world, from my family, from my friends, and even from my band mates. I cant say its an album I enjoyed making but it is an album I needed to make. It is with huge relief that I can now say it is finished and maybe its like an acute pain that you have that once its gone you cant remember how it felt. I hope so as I would like one day to feel the fondness for this record that it maybe deserves.”
-Wayne Hussey Aug 2016-
On September 2nd THE MISSION will release the gloriously melodramatic “Met-Amor-Phosis,” the first digital single from their forthcoming new album.
Watch the ‘Met-Amor-Phosis video HERE.
Track Listing
1.    Another Fall From Grace
2.     Met-Amor-Phosis
3.     Within The Deepest Darkness (Fearful)
4.     Blood On The Road
5.     Can’t See The Ocean For The Rain
6.     Tyranny Of Secrets
7.     Never’s Longer Than Forever
8.     Bullets & Bayonets
9.     Valaam
10.   Jade
11.   Only You & You Alone
12.   Phantom Pain
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