Multiplayer Space Shooter Galaxy Combat Wargames Released

The Head To Head PvP Free To Play title launched With A Brand New Trailer

SAN FRANCISCO — September 29, 2016 — The day has arrived! The Fork Particle Games team is excited to announce that their head to head style multiplayer PvP Space Shooter title Galaxy Combat Wargames is released on Steam for PC. The “You Miss I Hit” action-packed title is free to play. Visit the game Steam page to play

A release trailer of the game is available at

Galaxy Combat Wargames is a fast-paced head to head multiplayer PvP space shooter where you have been recruited by Planet Dionos Commander-in-Chief Rog for wargames conducted to prepare for mission Offensive Sting against an evil enemy Zoknocs. You will engage in challenging and intense space combat matches against other fighters from around the world.

Game Features include:

  • Battle against anyone around the world
  • Face to Face online intense space combat in real time
  • Fighter spaceships equipped with powerful weapons
  • Multiple space environments with different planetary arenas
  • Variety of cool spaceship skins and space fighter helmets
  • Responsive intuitive controls for fast paced maneuvers & strategic targeting
  • Hi-quality graphics and engaging space environments
  • Global leaderboards showing list of top fighters

“It has been a great journey. Credit goes to the whole team for the wonderful effort they put in making this unique and exciting game” said Noor Khawaja, CEO at Fork Particle Games. “We can’t wait for the players response on the game and will be continuously listening to them now on steam to address their feedback,” he added.


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About Fork Particle Games

Fork Particle Games is dedicated to create fun and exciting video games for PC, Console, and Mobile. Our team members have collectively worked on a variety of game titles including Tomb Raider Legends and The Urbz: Sims in the city. Fork Particle Games online space shooter Galaxy Combat Wargames is now available on Steam for PC.

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