Nerdblock Review

Nerdblock review

Nerdblock – Business Review

So where to begin on this review without putting all of the negative issues we ran into from start to finish? First off, we decided after talking with a lot of our members and followers about what crate service we should try, being that we collect a ton of toys and comics. Once we started talking about which one would fit us best we received a ton of feedback. Many told us their experiences at Nerdblock and how at one point Nerdblock was amazing though since Spring of 2015 they sort of just went down hill. The feedback regarding that comment was maybe we should truly check out what happen, so we did.

We started running across a lot of places that in the beginning wrote good reviews about Nerdblock but later on down the line those same reviewers deactivated their service and posted bad reviews, we also noticed that when someone did a negative review that someone instantly started posting to that review on the company’s behalf claiming otherwise, well we saw that same person do this in many sites, “not good on their part”.

Now, I’m sure that Nerdblock started a s good company like all companies in the beginning, but it looks like the problem is what happen as the company got bigger where they lose track of their customers. Okay, so let’s go over our experience with Nerdblock….

Unlike people who done reviews for Nerdblock that received free product to write one, we ordered our Nerdblock’s as a customer. We signed up and purchased 1 “Suicide Squad Themed Classic Block”, and in the checkout process we added on a Horror Block. The total for this endeavor come out to be 49.88 an order that according to them was 2 packages with 2 shirts. See photos!

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After we ordered and started spreading the word we started getting more feedback, we found out that with some of our followers for the price of the shipping to us for 2 crates was the same for some with one crate, so we reached out to Nerdblock for verification so we had an understanding of what the shipping cost would be per month. Our question was simple, it said basically will we be charged 19.99 per month plus shipping or are we looking at approximately $50 each month; that’s when we got reply from the support and when things went sour quick.


The support at Nerdblock grrrrr…. I don’t think they even read email before they respond. The response I got was generically asking “How may I make your next order?” About 20 emails back and forth and not one time was this question answered, they were only focused on selling me another item; talk about pure ignorance…. Now I don’t hold customer service at fault, nor do I hold Nerdblock as fault such horrible support; this issue goes back to people who setup the generic responses which in the end make customer support employees have a very hard time doing their job as they have to follow the strict guidelines set in place to come off as an ignorant asshat.


Now other than Customer support, and a huge lack in clarity; we did finally receive 1 of the Blocks we ordered; and again that’s another time when things went sour. We also saw a few additional charges on our credit card statement for $1.50 here and there from Nerdblock; which we hadn’t heard back on. Then ….. “A Suicide Squad Themed Block”….. Not at all, 100% false advertising on this block as we received 2 tiny Suicide Squad items. So yes this was totally not what we ordered, but we finally decided to just let that part go and look over what came in the box. The items you can see in the photos.


Simple breakdown as we are still awaiting to know where the 2nd block is as we still haven’t gotten a shipping or tracking email about it.


  • Would we order Nerdblock again or recommend it to our followers? The answer to that is absolutely not for the 3 issues we ran into. Horrible customer Service, False Advertising, and we’ve still not gotten any details on our 2nd block.
  • Troubles we ran into have happen to a lot of people before us: The issues we experienced at Nerdblock are not new as the same issues were mentioned to us from followers that ended up with similar instances in the past.
  • Are the items we’ve received so far worth the price we paid? The items we received so far are of fair value to the monies spent, though the items received are not items we’d purchase in the first place. The box had a few Great items, and the products were in good condition, just the rest of the box had sort of that (just through this in the box) feel to it. But simple answer the products in the box is of equal if not more than what we spent.
  • Are we happy with the box? No, as it is not what we’d expected based on the promotion.
  • Did we receive everything we ordered? No


We give Nerdblock 3.5 stars on the fact that I’m sure Nerdblock started out to be a great idea with good intentions and hopefully one day they will fix the customer service department. Most importantly I don’t think it’s the human beings at Nerdblock who are at fault, I believe this to be a system flaw which should be looked into and corrected.

Rating (1-5 Stars): 3.5 star

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