Netflix Latest Update – Review

As you know we watch a ton of Netflix, Amazon onDemand etc, etc; what did Netflix do when they did the recent update to PSN and XBOX? Netflix added the autoplay feature which means that once something ends it starts playing the next thing they want you to see. Now the reason I say that it is something they want you to see is because half of the shit movies that I would never consider peeing on are the next movie playing. I typically put in a movie when I’m chilling out, a film that I have watched a million times and enjoy so I can relax; though when I wake it shows a few movies that are completely crap in my recently watched. Movies like Sharknado are currently playing when I wake and honestly, I don’t want that crap in my history of recently watched as Netflix bases what movies to pitch to you based on what you have watched.

Netflix, stop trying to make everyone watch movies that you cannot get people to watch. If the world doesn’t want to see them, they shouldn’t have to; remove the autoplay function or give the user the choice to turn it on or not. Sadly the recent update in the Netflix Apps on PSN and XBOX are a complete waste of forcing people to watch crappy movies; consider thinking about your customers especially since they’re many options for watching TV and movies now days.

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