Ninja Dude vs Zombies (2016) – Game Review

Ninja Dude vs Zombies

Ninja Dude vs Zombies (2016) – Game Review

First off let me point out my love for indie games as well as my addiction to clicker related mobile games, I’ve got so many that I play daily that my fingers hurt often lol; now to the review of Ninja Dude vs Zombies. I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing this game as it can surely be additive and fun. The concept itself makes it almost irresistible and cute cause I love Zombies.

The main character “Ninja Dude” (played by YOU) is an awesome character, well designed and one that I’d have on a shirt; he’s cute and he rocks. As I spent time playing the game I did notice that the emotional connection to the character design and game play were perfectly matched, this is the key to great long lasting games; Adore Studios nailed it with this one.

When I started looking over Ninja Dude vs Zombies, I was sent a ton of materials for better research before I started the review, the content received did help but… Playing this game done it all for me. This is possibly one of my favorite mobile games to play, and we highly recommend to everyone to give it a shot. The game is free to play and incredibly fun, so go install it now and let us know what your thoughts are.

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“This game is free-to-play with IAPs”

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About Ninja Dude vs. Zombies

Ninja vs. Zombies stand-out features:

  • Dive right into smooth, nonintrusive hard-core action. Easy to start, hard to get unhooked;
  • Unlock more than 100 cute ninja heroes each with their own features and settings;
  • Simple and easy controls;
  • Fast-paced gameplay might seem easy at first, but it gets trickier as you go along;
  • Share a juicy zombie kill or record with your friends;
  • Complete various daily missions and earn gold coins.

Information and Contact:


Game name: Ninja Dude vs Zombies
Developer: AdoreStudio Ltd.
Genre: clicker, endless arcade, zombie slasher
App release date: June 1st, 2016
Platforms: App Store (timed exclusive iPhone® & iPad®), Google Play.
Model: Free-to-Play with IAPs
Ninja Dude vs Zombies on Facebook:
Ninja Dude vs Zombies on Twitter:
Languages: English, Русский, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, Português, 正體字, 日本語, 한국어. Other languages to follow.

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