New Ninja VR Game Succeeds in Making 56 Year Old Feel Like a ‘Cool Badass Killing Machine’

Mixed Realms – a Singapore based indie game developer – released an early access version of its first VR game called Sairento VR on Steam and garnered over a thousand purchases and a loyal following within days.


SINGAPORE, Dec. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Mixed Realms, Singapore has announced the early access release of its first game on Steam, ‘Sairento VR’ – a mission-driven, first-person hybrid shooter and sword fighting VR role-playing game set in a reimagined future Japan.

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Crafted to provide an engaging and visually stunning first-person sword-fighting and gunplay, players assume the role of a futuristic ninja to take on scores of enemies. They can expect upgradeable weaponry and skills, innovative game play, intuitive controls, mission based levels, menacing enemies and beautiful environments in their fight to restore order to the world.

Within 4 days of its release Sairento VR has garnered more than a thousand purchases and received a 98% positive rating. Fans have complimented Sairento VR for its unique game play and graphical style. This is despite the fact that the game is still only an early access release and that no marketing has been done.

“We wanted to treat players to an exhilarating and visceral VR experience, from being able to perform double jumps to taking down foes in a ballet of slow motion gunplay,” said Chalit Noonchoo, Creator and Lead Developer of Sairento VR.

Indeed a fan who bought the game had this to say to the developer, “I am a 56 year old freaking time shifting, enemy slaying ninja with guns. Not only have you made me feel like a cool badass killing machine, I am also exhausted, so I got a good work out too.”

Aldric Chang – CEO of Mixed Realms – remarked, “We are very heartened with the positive response we are getting from the international gaming community. We wanted to give players the epic experience of taking down enemies like they are the heroes of a movie. And I think we did it.”

Moving forward, Mixed Realms will continue to work hard on improving Sairento VR based on the feedback of its early customers. Players can look forward to the full release version of the game complete with a storyline, more levels, more enemy types, improved graphics and game play around the third quarter of 2017.

Sairento VR can be downloaded here –
Mixed Realms Pte Ltd ( ) is an independent developer of VR games founded in 2016 based in Singapore. It aspires to be Asia’s leading VR game development powerhouse.

Swag Soft LLP ( ), also based in Singapore, is the parent company of Mixed Realms. It is a well-established mobile app development and game development services company.

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