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Not too long ago we had the time to swing in to check out the Odysea Aquarium of Scottsdale Arizona. It’s certainly a new presence in the the desert area though it has charm for sure. From the beginning when the signs started going up we were excited to see it on opening day as we have a love for the sea.

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As we started setting up the time that could fit our crazy schedule we went over to the official website to see the rates, we we’re impressed with what the attractions were and the prices were very low compared to most aquariums. The next morning we set out for our journey, all the way to the aquarium we were excited to see the sharks most of all.

We made it out to Odysea Aquarium, though on the way in the line of the uneducated picketing sort of set me off really quick. The signs pointing out to watch “Orca”  etc, all I could think of at that moment was:

Why don’t they protest things with a bigger importance like:

  • The Buying and selling of Gasoline – Many human beings die over oil every day.
  • Pet Stores – Animals, Fish etc have a bigger chance of mistreatment and death in a Pet Shop than in an establishment that is designed to keep them protected.
  • Government Elections
  • Agriculture – The #1 issue that is causing death to ocean creatures, the Earth, and much more (continue eating that fast food huh)

This list can go on, though the people decided to picket a beautiful establishment that is a wonderful facility designed to protect the aquatic life that they house.

Now to our review:

Once we had gotten through and found parking we walked into an awesome circular area where a wonderful cover band was performing and greeted right off by the staff. Everyone here from the moment we entered to the time we left was very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and friendly. The Odysea Aquarium had a broad amount of sites to see, areas for the youngsters to do arts and crafts while obtaining knowledge about the Aquatic world and so much more.

I’d say our favorite part of our visit was the carousel, loved it very much. We enjoyed the sit down viewing as we rotated through the viewings of Sea Lions, Sharks, Sea Turtles; it was wonderful. All we could say to ourselves during this trip was “for the money it costs us to get in, we basically helped feed a shark 1 meal”. The cost was not expensive, it costs the both of us approximately $75 to go in and enjoy the day checking out everything from Clown Fish to Sharks. The aquariums were perfectly kept up, and we had a blast. We will certainly be going out again.

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