Omega Zodiac featured on Facebook less than one month after its official launch!

The Omega Zodiac Team is forging a new weapon: Drake Dismay.

Omega Zodiac, one of Proficient City’s 2016 biggest investments in free-to-play browser MMORPGs, has already won its first Facebook Feature on September 29th! Less than a month after its launch, Omega Zodiac has been a total success and has been welcomed with positive reviews by the player community from all over the world.

The Gold Sacred Set System is one of the most popular systems in the game. There are three classes in Omega Zodiac and each class owns five different sets of gold Sacred Sets with various functions and stats. Over 480,000 Gold Sacred Sets have been activated since the launching of the game and over 1,000 Guilds were created to guard their Goddesses. In order to protect Athena, Omega Zodiac players are summoning more than 10 million Sacred Sets per day, which translates into an incredibly active community working hard on a daily basis to reach the Top of the rankings. What’s more, every day players are fighting against 10,000,000 monsters and joining over 200,000 Dungeons in Omega Zodiac!

One of the main reasons of the fast game success is the time and work Proficient City’s development team has invested to create a high-performance game with a feature system that allows full customization and options for different types of players. The stable gameplay and continuous upgrades keep the game updated and add more possibilities to a genre that is known for the lack of these.

Proficient City gifted all beta test players’ loyalty and their support with some in-game rewards to be used after the official launch and the response was overwhelming. Besides, there have been  lots of events and rewards posted continuously in the game or on its official Facebook since the official launch, bringing more and more players and welcoming old and new players to participate and create a fair and fun game community where sharing strategies and experiences is encouraged. Players can visit Omega Zodiac’s official website and Facebook page to participate.

Proficient City is also planning on launching a set of collectibles with the striking designs of Omega Zodiac’s weapons as rewards for future events alongside with all kinds of merchandise, which is something that we don’t see quite often and is very appreciated by the fan community. The Drake Dismay is selected as the first collectible; it’s a critical weapon to kill the Black Dragon. It’s being forged and will be granted to the bravest Zodiac Warrior selected by Official Omega Zodiac. Warriors who own it will activate endless power and protect Goddess Athena with it.

As time goes by, Omega Zodiac wins more and more popularity from players worldwide. And the Facebook feature also gives great influence and encouragement to both the developer and players. Players can join now Omega Zodiac to try its new features.

The Goddess Athena has been regarded as a pinnacle for wisdom and justice throughout the world. With the balance of peace now broken, she’s the only one who can save it. However, Athena is weakened so she now needs the assistance of three mighty warriors to prevent the end of the world. Gather the sacred and employ powerful weapons to stop the arrival of the feared Ragnarok in this fast role-playing adventure now available at

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About Proficient City

Proficient City, a branch of Game Hollywood, is an international online game company with offices in China, Europe, and Montreal. They specialize in innovating operations and strives for a perfect balance of content, gameplay and storyline.

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