“Omen of Sorrow: Dracula is Vlad!”

Las Vegas, Nevada.-  AOne Games unveiled new Vladislav gameplay for Omen of Sorrow at Evolution Championship 2017, the largest and longest-running fighting game tournament in the world, receiving a very warm welcome by pro players from all corners of the world.

Sebastian Gana, AOne Games Technical Director, explains: “We want to emphasize mobility, with longer stages and varied movement options for each character. With Vladislav we implemented projectiles that allow the player to teleport around the screen if they manage to hit the opponent, pulling Vladislav into close range opening opportunities for mix ups”.

The developers confided that there is a lot more polish and tuning to be had, even though 6 out of 12 characters from the cast have been revealed, and they’ve already implemented online play using the excellent GGPO networking technology.

“To show the game in such an early stage can be hard, but the core idea is to keep things going forward, and that’s why we are very grateful with all the people that took the time to come and try Omen of Sorrow, entrusting us very encouraging and helpful feedback that we’ll definitely use to guide development for the next couple of months.” Says, Max Kubler, AOne Games Executive Producer.

*AOne Games (2015) is a videogame company currently developing their first title “Omen of Sorrow”, a fighting videogame featuring characters inspired by classic horror.


Zafkiel vs Vlad:

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