Overwatch from Game of the Year to watch the fall due to excessive hacks used in game.

What is Overwatch? In short, the answer from almost any gamer is “a reskinned Team Fortress”, though to be honest, it’s a lot better than Team Fortress. In the game industry Overwatch is compared to or said to be copied from many games though the reality is this is the genre and style and not considered copying, and of course, the artwork and marketing on Overwatch are off the charts.

When Overwatch launched as a beta it was a very chill game and it had it’s hiccups, though the game was very fun and when it went live things started to change very quickly. Today it’s quite impossible to get in a match that doesn’t have at least 3 players using in-game hacks, this is quickly becoming the ending of the Overwatch success. Several members of our community play Overwatch daily all of them have recorded the hacks happening in the game, it’s gotten so bad that a lot of our people have stopped playing. Over the last few weeks, a few of our friends have been working hard to level up though unless he has an entire team with him the game goes south very fast which has made it impossible for people who follow the rules and don’t use in game hacks to have any fun let alone level.

In Game hacks is a very well known item within the Overwatch community and Blizzard is 100% aware of it though it doesn’t look like the hacks are gonna be stopped. From experience in my field of work especially when I set up a server for a game to be ran on or developed on when a hack is used it can instantly be tracked and found, a simple script can be ran to trace and track all members who do such a thing in game; so to stop the use of these mods or hacks it is very easy to put a stop to it. Given the knowledge that I have in server side setup and creation, when I saw that Blizzard hasn’t stopped the hacks, let alone that it is getting worse; I’ve lost all interest in playing the game and only play it from time to time to help a few friends who still give it a shot.

The well known characters used that have hacks are:

  • Hanzo – 90% of the players that use Hanzo use hacks
  • Soldier 76
  • Widow Maker – 4 out of 5 games we play the person using Widow Maker is using hacks.
  • Tracer
  • Reaper

Better yet, not too long from now every character will have a hack for it. It’s sad to see yet another Blizzard Game get over run with hacks and mods (remember Diablo) and due to this is why the games start losing true players.

We hope that Blizzard puts a real stop to this issue though the reality of it is minimal, we can only say that Overwatch was fun in the beginning. We vote that all persons who use cheats in a game should be ban from gaming online, and all who create/distribute hacks for games should be ban from using the internet indefinitely. 

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