Overwatch Razer Man O’ War Tournament Edition – Gaming Headset Review

I’ve never really been a big Razer product user though I’ve never had any issues with their stuff either and we were extremely excited to get catch a pair of the Overwatch Razer Man O’ War Tournament Edition gaming headsets; until we got them home. We contemplated many headsets though we felt that with the name brand such as Razer and the fact it states it’s for gaming, and it was $109.00 that it should be an awesome item to have, we found this to not be so true. Upon arriving home after being excited to come home and play some Overwatch while wearing them, this headset completely failed!

The Overwatch Razer Man O’ War Tournament Edition is not a true gaming headset, it’s all hype and all you’re truly buying is the Overwatch artwork and design on something that has the ability to operate as well as the standard walkman headset; we got nothing but crackling in the mic and ears; this is a total waste of money. Now, I can see having them as a fan of Overwatch though the fact that they were as expensive you’d think they’d be fairly usable or at least have some sort of addition audio compression, filters; etc etc…. but no! It’s just simple inputs into your standard connections of your computer with a cheap mic on and off module like on the Playstation 4’s generic 1 ear headset; cannot believe that Razer released such a cheap product. We will be returning this item today for a real headset  being that we could’ve bought 2 pair of the MSI Headsets which are true gaming headsets. Don’t believe the hype on these things, or buy them and find out for yourself. Weight the balance between is it truly worth the price to have something to look at or spend less and get something that does the job.

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