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Intro: So many people have wondered as to why we have moved the original date of this magazine until October of this year. We have a wonderful answer for that and I will answer with this… We would like to introduce you all to a wonderful friend from across the other side of the globe from us “Suzanna Young” of Paranormal Pursuits. Paranormal Pursuits means exactly what the name implies and Suzie along with her team are here to fill us in on what it is like to do what they do and of course answer a few of our selected questions while we are doing it.

Over the last few months we have sort of become like a family with Suzie and her son Brandan (aka Huskki). These guys are marvelous people and during the time we have had getting to know each other we got to understand what Suzie does and it is quite fascinating. So….

WBE: Suzie, would you mind introducing yourself by telling us where you are from? How you got into the Paranormal Field? Did you acquire a special type of education to work in this field? Or did a personal experience drive you to study and learn about the work you do now? And of course how different is life in general in your field of work being where you are located?

PP: First of all I would like to thank you Matty for giving me the opportunity to share this with everyone.

I was born in the Midlands of England in 1968. I am one of five children. I now live in Wales, having moved here with my family at the age of six. My whole life has been about the paranormal. At the age of two and a half i had my first experience of proof that life exists after death. This is my very first memory. We had bought my great grandmother’s house after she had passed away. At night I would be woken up by someone gently stroking my neck. I was not frightened, but felt comforted by it. I remember asking my mother if it was her. She just looked at me weird and said no one comes into your bedroom after lights out. This continued to happen night after night, and I remember sitting up in bed and stretching my arms out but no-one was there. My parents were religious and this went against their beliefs. To them it was the work of the devil. They completely redecorated the house and even had it blessed, but still the activity continued. So they sold the house within a year and we moved a few streets over. This set my belief structure for the rest of my life. That the existence of our souls extends past what we know in this living realm. That the spirit world finds ways to communicate with us. As technology advances, there are now many ways in which evidence can be gathered. It is both exciting and a privilege to work in this field.

I have studied both psychology and parapsychology. All the text book knowledge in the world is not going to prepare you for what you will deal with in the reality of an investigation. Experience is essential. Anyone considering to work in this field should do so with an already experienced investigator first. I am continually doing research as well as listening to other people’s experiences and keeping up with the scientific side of the technology is a must. For all the skeptics out there, backing evidence scientifically is vital. It is an awe inspiring moment when you hear your very first ‘class A’ E.V.P ( electronic voice phenomenon).

So, what drove me to to study and learn about being a professional investigator? This is a big question. Throughout my life I have continued to have experiences but it was thirteen years ago that it took a turn to the point of fear at what I was dealing with.

In 2002, I moved to a village situated in the mountains. As a single mum with three children my choices were very limited. It was a case of making the best of it. The house felt ‘odd’ from day one. For the first couple of weeks the children stayed with family while I tried to get the house in some sort of order. The first night there was spent on the couch. The following morning I opened my front door to find a dead crow neatly laid out on its back with its wings fanned out.The bird’s neck had been broken and not a feather was ruffled. I picked it up and examined it for puncture marks, perhaps a cat had got it but there was nothing, in my mind there was nothing normal about this, it was too neatly placed. It felt as though my house had been ‘marked’. Activity started within days. Little things to start with, footsteps on the stairs, someone walking on the landing, unexplained bangs in empty rooms. At night, bluish white lights would flash in the upstairs landing keeping us awake,so I painted out the glass panels above the bedroom doors. A couple of people asked me in the neighborhood if I knew that my house was haunted, that my front door would just fly open? and yes, this had happened on numerous occasions, it seemed as though it was common knowledge. As time went on the activity got more aggressive. The children and I were continuously ill. I had a form of cancer which I had to have repeated treatment as it kept coming back, it took five years to be completely clear. My daughter contracted meningitis which was a close call for her. Then Huskki had to have an emergency appendectomy and two months later my daughter also had an emergency appendectomy. My daughter then developed a rare disease. It seemed that no sooner one of us were recovering  another one would become seriously ill. In 2009 my appendix ruptured internally, by the time they got me into surgery I was almost dead. They told me my prognosis was not good and to contact family immediately. This is where everything changed, I had what is called an NDE, a near death experience.

I remember feeling weightless, suspended in what I can only describe as a black void. I realized that I wasn’t breathing but I could smell dense negative ions ( this is what you can smell in the air after a good thunderstorm). In front of me was a shimmering white veil, similar to what the Northern lights look like and there were shadows of figures behind it. I tried to push myself through it and it felt like moist cobwebs. The next thing I knew I was being yanked backwards at incredible speed. No one was more surprised than me to find myself waking up on the ward.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this. I had no physical body, I did not draw breath, I was weightless, yet I could feel sensations, I had my own thoughts and mind….. I existed. The french philosopher Rene Descartes once said, “I think, therefore I am.” I understand now more than ever that existence can be in a different form.

For the following ten months, weighing less than 80 pounds and wracked with severe pain, I began my recovery. I was not going to be beaten. Whatever it or who it was that was causing my family so much heartache and pain was not going to win. I spent my time studying the paranormal, psychic abilities and documented cases in a bid to understand what I was dealing with. Meanwhile, the activity was getting worse. We were now suffering physical attacks. This thing was evil, it enjoyed causing pain and fear. I was being attacked as I slept, been thrown off my feet, pushed, growled at and scratched. Whatever this was, it was powerful. I would stay up all night, too scared to sleep, get Huskki off to school and then try to sleep for a few hours. One particular morning,I had just started to drift off to sleep and I could feel it coming up the bed, it felt like a hot prickly blanket with an electrical charge. My fear gave way to anger and as I sat up and screamed at it to” get out”, I saw a black mass shoot across the room and through the wall. I had to find a way to get rid of this thing. That’s the point at which I made the decision to go on an investigation with a local paranormal team. Over the next few years I did hundreds of investigations with them. I learnt quickly and was soon their technical support and headed experiments and seances to gain some experience. During this time, I plucked up the courage to tell the team about what was going on in my house hoping for some practical support. They did not know how to help. Nothing was forthcoming and I was still on my own with it. I spoke to a friend and told her what was going on and she suggested I contact a medium she knew who was really experienced in exactly this kind of thing. So I rang her that evening, explaining who gave me her number and that I was having problems with activity in my house, before I could say anymore she said “don’t tell me I’ll tell you” I was astounded, she was spot on. But she was unwell at this time having just completed treatment for breast cancer and couldn’t come straight away. She did however tell me how I could protect my family and home from the attacks. For the next few months I started to form my own company in order to aid research and help others in my position. I was still a single mum and money was thin on the ground, if I had a little to spare I invested it in equipment, I designed my company logo and trading name, Paranormal Pursuits ™ . Six months later, true to her word, the medium visited my home. I knew there was more than one entity in my home, as I had at times seen more than one orb in a room together, I was not expecting to find out that there was eight in total. After she had left, the house seemed so quiet and empty. As for the following eighteen months there was no further activity, although it took a while to get used to being able to sleep uninterrupted. My health began to steadily improve and a year ago I met the man who is now my husband. I moved out of the property a couple of months ago……. 13 years at house number 13. Ironic ?  or perhaps it was meant to be. This is what got me to this point in my life, a paranormal investigator.

At present, I am located in the south of Wales. There are many wonderful places to do investigations from  manor houses, ancient neolithic grave sites, old poorhouses, theatres, haunted Inns and many castles. the list is endless.Wales is steeped in history from royal connections, bloody battles, riots and the political rise between the English and Welsh. Layers of history overlapping in any one place. In one location I remember having EVP’s from welsh soldiers with battle horns and the sound of musket fire dating from the 1500’s in one seance and in the same night a young girl who was the victim of a murder asking for help. Historical research put her at the late 1800’s. Whatever the reasons for spirits contacting the living or the living needing help with those who are already passed, I feel it is an honour to be able to be experienced enough to help.

WBE: What methods do you use to pursue the paranormal?? (i.e. good old fashion tech toys, Paranormal provoking such as Ouija boards and such)

PP: We use both the good old fashioned techniques as well as a range of scientific equipment. We do not use Ouija boards.Whilst this is a proven method of of contacting the spirit world, you can’t be sure of who or what you are letting in. Malevolent entities will try and trick their way through and it can result in them attaching themselves to you. So, for everyone safety, it’s not a good idea.

During our events, we do seances which we record using both an infrared camera and an audio digital recorder. By doing regular playbacks, we can check for intelligent responses to our questions. These are called E.V.P’s (electronic voice phenomenon). We also teach people how to use and harness their own energy and effectively use pendulums and dowsing rods. Other techniques we use are mirror scrying and spirit writing. Trigger objects are a great way of invoking responses. If there are child spirits around then using a ball, teddy bear or a doll can encourage them to interact with you. We also do a range of experiments through the night such as laser grids. Thousands of green lasers are projected across a room and by using a fog machine to highlight the laser beams it is possible to see shadows and energy moving between the beams.If there is reported poltergeist activity in an area then using a trigger object with a static camera recording is another good experiment, but you need to ensure you have eliminated any possible natural causes such as draughts first. Ideally, use a locked room.

We use a lot of scientific equipment such as EMF (electromagnetic field) detectors, Trifield meters (detects electromagnetic and electrostatic energy as well as radio frequency),Gauss meter, which is similar to an EMF but is more sensitive, Full spectrum and infrared cameras, still cameras, laser grid projection,night vision, subsonic frequencies, white/ brown/blue noise, digital audio recorders, barrier beams and movement sensors and a four camera dvr system is running live throughout the night and can be viewed via a monitor at any time.

The spirit world does not perform to order, but by using such a large range of techniques and equipment, it enhances our chances of capturing any phenomenon.

WBE: Has your team experienced being physically touched by an entity or followed home by one ?

PP: I have never had a spirit follow anyone home. We do offer protection at the start of an evening for everyone involved. This is done by a visual technique. At the close of an investigation the technique is repeated. Spirits are at a certain place because they are happy there or have reason to be there, so it’s not a huge concern.

Yes, we have been touched, hair being stroked, a poke in the ribs, jackets or trousers being pulled and even a small spirit child holding my hand.  On one occasion, a gentleman who was a guest on an event said something untoward to a spirit during a seance which resulted in him being scratched on the back of his head, and yes, this entity drew blood.

WBE: Do you believe that in provoking a spirit or entity while on a case that it will attach itself to one you and possibly follow you home ?

First of all, if you are dealing with a particularly unpleasant entity, be very careful about how far you provoke it. The spirit world should always be approached with love and respect. I always keep it in mind that whoever you are in contact with was once somebody’s mother/ father/ daughter etc. Sometimes it is necessary to be very firm and respond in an aggressive manner. In one particular location I was in contact with a child murderer, he hung for his crime. During the course of an evp session he became very threatening. So, I asked him what was it like to be hung by his neck, I told him he deserved to suffer for what he’d done. His response was “f**k you!”. No more evp’s were captured after this. So being too assertive is not always the best way. I think it is a case of finding the right balance for the moment. As I have said, ensuring that you have protected yourself will prevent you from being followed home.

WBE: How do people respond to you and your team when they learn what your work is about?

PP: Over the years we have had mixed responses. From “Wow, i’ve always wanted to go on a ghost hunt” to “I don’t believe in ghosts.” For the most part, it is a positive reaction followed by a bombardment of questions. There are those who believe it exists, those who know it exists, some are too scared to to believe and the skeptics. The skeptics are a wonderful challenge, they usually have not been in a position whereby they have experienced something that is profound enough to explore the possibilities further. My response to them is if you are a little bit curious, go with someone who is experienced in the field and just open up your mind to the possibility. I have had a few skeptics which I have taken on investigations who have since thanked me for showing them different.

WBE: Is your family receptive to your passion in this field you are in? or do they get scared when you are out there hunting the paranormal?

PP: My immediate family is my team, and I couldn’t be more proud to have them with me on this journey. My siblings are supportive in what I do and love hearing about what evidence we capture and the stories behind it. My niece can’t wait to turn eighteen so she can come on an investigation with us. They don’t worry about us, as they know that we are experienced in the field.

WBE: Are there any memorable cases you have done? Please tell us a tale.

PP: Every case is memorable and unique for me. Due to client confidentiality I cannot name a person or location. However, the young lady concerned with one particular case is happy for me to tell you her story.

She had not long moved into a quaint little one bedroomed bungalow. In the first few months she had been hearing etheric voices during both the day and night and shuffling noises and banging in different rooms as well as unexplained shadows. Unable to make any sense of it and constantly checking for people around the bungalow for a possible culprit, she approached me at a loss and was a little scared and, could I check it out for her. I have to say, I do love a delving into a residential haunting, so I jumped at the chance. I arranged to visit her that weekend. I arrived armed with equipment, but before setting up I asked her if she would mind showing me around room by room so that I could get a feel for the place. The layout of the property was mainly open plan, from the front porch you entered the lounge area with a small dining area towards the rear which led to the kitchen with a divide wall into an L shape. To the left of the lounge was a doorway to the bedroom with access to a bathroom. All she knew about it was that it had been empty for about twenty years and that her landlord had refurbished it to rent out. As I walked round I felt as though I wanted to walk straight through her kitchen wall into the bathroom behind it. I asked her if the bathroom was new and if it used to be what we would call a ‘galley kitchen’? (a long narrow kitchen). She didn’t know but could ask around and find out. So, I set the cameras up to try and cover as much as possible and sat to watch for an hour. There were orbs that were pulsating and showing intelligent movement. After tracking them for a while I noticed that some were travelling the same way as I felt I wanted to walk, straight through the kitchen wall into the bathroom. So I decided to place an audio digital recording device in the bathroom to see if I could pick up anything while we continued to watch the cameras quietly. Twenty minutes later, I played back the file. It was one of the clearest ‘class A‘ EVP’s I  have ever had. Neither of us had spoken a word during the recording in order to eliminate any contamination and we had not heard anything in the building or outside.

There was intermittent bangs and shuffling then a tool bag being dragged across the floor (you could hear metal tools clinking together as the bag was moving), the sound of a spanner tightening up a water pipe, a woman’s’ voice says crossly “stop it, you’re breaking my tiles!”  A small dog yaps, a young girl says something but couldn’t quite make out what she said. To our surprise, the next thing we hear is a microwave ping and the woman says “I’ve made your dinner.” A man mumbles, then a really hard slap sound followed by the man shouting “Owww babe!” We were stunned by what we had heard as none of this was audible to our ears during the time of the recording. I guessed that what we had heard was fairly modern, something that had to of  occurred in the last thirty to forty years  due to the microwave ping and the way they talked. I suggested that having a chat with some local people might give her some answers. Three weeks later, she came to see me with some news. She had spoken with a neighbor that was in her early sixties and had lived in the street all her life. She told her what had been going on in the bungalow and about the evp recording. This neighbor knew exactly who she was talking about exclaiming “Oh my god, that’s……..!” (name withheld).

Before the bungalow was left empty, there was a woman in her late thirties in the mid 1980’s that lived there with her boyfriend. This woman had four children previously that had all been taken into care by the authorities. She had then had a daughter by her current boyfriend, and was allowed to keep that child. They had blazing arguments on a daily basis that spilled onto the street in front of neighbors. She was violent towards him and would regularly kick him out, only to let him back home the next day. By all accounts he would spend a little too much time in the local pub. He eventually left her taking his daughter with him. Sadly, she committed suicide in the property not long after.

When the current landlord bought the bungalow, there was no bathroom, just and outside toilet. The kitchen was indeed a galley kitchen which stretched the width of the rear of the property. One third of the end of the kitchen was walled off and a bathroom put in with an access door to it via the bedroom during the refurbishment. The neighbor couldn’t believe how I could ever have known about the galley kitchen.

I asked the young lady if things had calmed down. She was still hearing noises and voices whispering. I assured her that a lot of what she was experiencing in the property was what we call ‘residual’ negative energy. If the spirit of the woman is still there, she may well be replaying memories and that is what we recorded. I suggested to her that perhaps acknowledging this spirit by name and telling her out loud that she knows of her sadness and why her spirit is still there, and it was time to move on as it was distressing her with activity she was causing and wish her peace.

The young lady did this and continued to live at the bungalow happily for the next two years and the activity did get less and less over that time.

Not all hauntings occur in ancient castles, mental asylums or old prisons. As this case shows, modern day hauntings happen too. This is exactly what Paranormal Pursuits ™ is about. Gathering evidence and finding the truth.

This concludes our Interview with Paranormal Pursuits, if you’d like more details on them you may check out their website link and “About Paranormal Pursuits” below. It was an honor to do this interview and we hope you all enjoy it.

Official About PP: (details from website)

We are an enthusiastic family run business, I am Suzie, managing director/ lead investigator/ head tech and first aider. I have always had interaction with the paranormal since i was very young. A series of events in the last ten years has led me and my family to need to know more of how the two realms interlace.Having done hundreds of investigations in the last five years has led me to organizing our own events. We take a scientific approach and always check for natural causes first. We use a wide range of tried and tested equipment including infrared and full spectrum cameras which are constantly monitored and can be viewed in small groups during the course of the night . If you would like to take part in any experiments we have set up then please do so. Seances and vigils are a big part of our night with evp bursts, pendulum work, scrying and much more.

Simon, my husband was a non believer when I met him………. not any more! Having had numerous unexplainable experiences since being around me has driven him to want to do more in the field. He is now an investigator and also looks after security on events.

Brandan, my son has done many investigations and is also my tech support. He monitors the cameras throughout the night and enjoys having people sat viewing with him, he is very good at recognizing phenomenon and liaising via radio what’s going on visually on screen that which cannot see with our own eyes. Great for monitoring a seance or a an experiment in a shut off room.

Mikey, without my eldest this website would not have happened. He is our IT specialist. As well as building and running the website, he uploads and updates any images and also information for our events. Don’t forget to have a look at our GALLERY. ( – Official Website)

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