Phoenix Comicon – It’s been a strange but awesome couple of days

Yes, Yes, Yes; we went to Phoenix Comicon. No, No, No; it was nothing like the media says. Will Comicon be the same after what took place and of course the exaggerations of what took place? No…..

Let’s focus on only the key points of what took place. No one got hurt, our local police did an excellent job making sure of it, and of course, the media blew things out of proportion.

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So what happened at Comic Con is what everyone has been asking us cause they know we will tell them the truth, well, to be honest, our answer is this. We had an awesome time!


We made the best of our outing at Comic Con, and like the merchants inside they did what they could do to have a great outcome too. Thankfully whatever the situation that the news was blaring about was handled properly by authorities though sadly not too well by the media which made things a lot worse than they were. The media gave you 5 stories, completely different ones, and are currently trying to change the stories up a bit to make it look as if they were just slowly getting info. At Comic Con the press was everywhere looking to find anything else they could to make the story even more dramatic while everyone inside mocked at how stupid the media was for what they did.

The merchants within Comicon were always great to see, full of hope and smiling through things while working hard to be uplifting. The crowd wasn’t as big due to the press stating how long the lines were, which they weren’t. For example, 10 minutes before we parked it was all over the radio that the lines were 2.5 hours plus; it took us under 10 minutes with a line close to 100 feet in length. It was a sad feeling to know what will come out of it all though those who were there made the best of it and thankfully out of all of the mess happening, no one got hurt.

When we started leaving out of Comic Con, we went over to Hanny’s for some awesome food and good company. Our friends at Hanny’s took great care of us while we kicked back for some pizza and drinks, our waitress was awesome as well. After dinner, we headed on over the Crescent Ballroom to see DJ Z-Trip put on an amazing show while we watched Dumperfoo paint a beautiful painting.


Ending result is: we had an amazing time with good people and made the best out of a day that the media did all they could to ruin.


Lesson to take from all of this:

  • Don’t believe anything that you don’t see with your own eyes.
  • Don’t do stupid things that will negatively affect what everyone can do or say.
  • Make the best out of life as you only live once. Do your best not to hurt others with your choices and decisions.
  • People shouldn’t Profit from a disaster or tragedy.

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