PixelFunder is proud to announce the launch of a new video game crowdfunding platform with WarpBall!

PixelFunder is a new, non-equity based, game-only, crowdfunding solution and community for both indie developers and their supporters. Our mission is to keep things as simple as possible. PixelFunder offers value-added services to sustain ourselves as much more than solely a crowdfunding platform. Your success is our success. By using our platform you will gain an additional Marketing Team at no cost! Our team will be working alongside yours to help you with your marketing campaign.  Our Forums offer a great way for gamers and developers to interact with each other. You will also have the ability to create your own Merch Booths. And our Coin System rewards all users for interacting with the website, whether it be daily logins or watching game videos. We also host PixelFunder Plays streams where we interact with the community while playing the great games we host on our site. Best of all, developers will keep 96% of total successful funds- that’s more than the leading crowdfunding platforms today such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. 
PixelFunder is proud to announce the launch of the company alongside WarpBall!

London-based indie developer team Unruly Attractions presents a refreshingly different take on soccer games with WarpBall- bringing teleportation to the field, and running with it. If you like Rocket League, you’ll love WarpBall.

Inspired by the retro classic Speedball 2, Monday Night Combat and the cult hit Cellfactor Psychokinetic Wars, WarpBall is an online and local multiplayer that brings the fun and accessibility back into sports games.

WarpBall was selected as a part of the Square Enix Collective, and was Greenlit on Steam in less than 2 weeks.  Prototypes of the game have been demoed at events including MineCon 2015, where it was played by Xbox Head Phil Spencer!


  • Online and local multiplayer: Many indie games are local multiplayer only. Not us! Kick ass all round the world
  • Lots of Replay Value: Between the arena layouts, character ability choices, and even player tactics, two matches of WarpBall can be very different experiences
  • Character Customization: Choose your character, ability and a procedurally generated skin.
  • Single Player League: No friends? No problem!  Single player leagues and trophies to keep yourself busy
  • Easy to pick up: The basics of WarpBall are fast to pick up, although the game’s depth takes time to master!
  • Awesome Soundtrack: 20-track electronic soundtrack sourced from the Outtalectual Collective!
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