Poster Girl (2010) – Movie Review


Poster Girl (2010) – Movie Review

Poster Girl (2010) Movie is a great documentary exposing the truth of how people who serve in the United States Military are neglected. This documentary is a story about Robynn Murray which was an all-American high-school cheerleader who became the poster girl for women in combat. Robynn thinking her joining the military was to be in an environment to help humanity, ended up being a hired gun to kill whoever she was told to kill, even if they were non-hostile civilians. Having watched this 38 minute documentary on Netflix saddened us to see yet another film made about how our military veterans are treated by the United States Military. How can the U.S. Military or the Government itself go on treating it’s own people this way? Maybe it’s time to make a change in how we as human being allow people in authority to be employed? Maybe each person elected to work in Government Office should go through an application progress since in reality we US Citizens employ them. Watching how Robynn Murray was basically mentally torchered then diagnosed by military doctors with PSTD, put out of the military, then the US Military turn their backs on her. You hear so many stories like this, actually up in the millions since Vietnam. Now days a new movie or book is released documenting factual information on these incidents as well as worse, but yet nothing is ever really done. Poster Girl was a great documentary which deserves a mass amount of people hearing about it, something needs to be done to the US Military and Government Offices which allow this continue. If our troops in the Governments eyes mean nothing, then why should anyone be Troops? Our love and respects go out to all the men and women who have to live that life, they need to know that we as humans care. Watch this movie, share it, This has got to stop!

Our Rating: 5 stars out of 5 Stars


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