The rest of my order from Nerdblock finally arrived.

Nerdblock HorrorBlock

As you all know, we ordered our Nerdblock and Horror Block June 16th 2016 and have fought tooth and nail to get what we had ordered. We reached out to Nerdblock in every way and until we posted a review we heard nothing from them and our only question the whole time was where is the other half of our order that we paid for. Well as our readers have been seeing, once the review went up they were ready to get in touch and of course afterwards it has been a true nightmare up until finally the last part of our order has arrived as of yesterday.

Now I must once again say that what we got in our package was certainly worth the value, we have no complaint about the value of the product; our complaint has been communication to locate what they stated themselves that they didnt send. So say you own a company and a client orders something from you and they didn’t receive. The thing you as a business would do was make sure that customer got what they ordered, this is simple business ethics, Nerdblock on the other hand didn’t. They waited and waited to even respond then waited another month to send out what they didnt send due to their shipping label hiccup.

Now to unveil what we received and to respond to the value of it all, I must say that if we would’ve gotten what we ordered without the head ache of chasing them to get it we wouldve probably continued to be customers. The HorrorBlock even though it had Sharknado in it (hate sharknado lol), the block is awesome! Every product we received has been well worth the money, and as stated in our review the issue is only the customer supports communication. This HorrorBlock came with some really awesome items that we were very happy to have put money into having. We got the “Addy Miller – Teddy Bear Girl” hand signed autographed photo with authentication, and many other little goodies. So yes the products that we received are worth the value, and as stated in our review, if they’d spend more time fixing customer support and shipping then all would be fine.

Check out the photos and thanks for reading.

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