Rising Star Games brings the physical boxed edition of mech-action game Assault Suit Leynos to participating retail outlets
London, UK – September 23, 2016 – Videogame publisher Rising Star Games today aims down sights and targets retail stores across Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Middle East, announcing today that the retail box version of Assault Suit Leynos is now available for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.

Based on the legendary classic 16-bit series (also known as Target Earth), theAssault Suit series is famous for fierce and fast shooting action, tactical variety of missions, and wonderful weapon customisation options. Assault Suit Leynos on PS4 continues the hardcore standard while delivering HD visual quality for the ultimate alien-blasting experience.

As Earth reels from the impact of a fourth world war and dwindling resources, an uneasy truce between nations sees mankind reach for the stars. Colonies are settled, resources are mined, and the future starts looking a little brighter. But just as peace finally seems possible, an unknown enemy emerges from the deepest region of space to threaten the very existence of humanity. Only one thing can stop them – it’s time to deploy the Assault Suit Squadron! Gamers will blast through the opposing enemy forces with devastating weapons like machine guns, rocket launchers, and laser beams while discovering the hidden truth behind the invaders.

Developed by Dracue Software and published by Rising Star Games, the physical box version of  Assault Suit Leynos on PlayStation®4 is now available for €19.99/£19.99 at participating retailers in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Middle East. For more information, follow Rising Star Games on  Twitter and visit the official Rising Star Games  website.

Rising Star Games is a privately held video games publisher with a global reach. With operating offices in Europe and USA the company publishes video game entertainment across all gaming platforms from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and via Steam. With decades of combined experience and a genuine passion for interactive entertainment, Rising Star Games is proud of its ever-expanding and enormously diverse catalogue of over 120 titles.

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